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Sunday, June 1, 2008

Sex In The City Movie Today

Since I am not getting any Sex In The City I figure I will go see it in the theater.

I'm ok with not getting any really, considering the last time I was with someone it was with the manipulative sedouche bag. [Oh no she did not! -- Oh Yes, she did! :O)

I'm doing this with a Queens Meetup group and totally psyched to see it. Ticket is pre-purchased.

I suppose it will be about 100 women in the theater and one guy hoping to meet 100 women. HA!

Not much different than women who go to sporting events to meet men. Although women who go to sporting events to meet men realize that the men she will meet aren't going to be buff atheletes. On the other hand, I do think the men going to this think that they are going to meet women who are just like the characters portrayed. It's just part of the whole male fantasy thing they almost always have going on in their head.

I'll let you know what I think when I get home.


Jessica said...

I never really got into "Sex in the City." Maybe it's bc Sarah Jessica Parker looks like a girl I used to know, and didn't particularly get along with. :)

I have a recently single guy friend who was talking about the same subject. He just might go to the movie to meet women. lol :)

Gypsy said...

I'm looking forward to seeing this movie but am totally over all the hype. I can only imagine what it's like in NYC.

I actually go to the football because I like to watch it but it doesn't hurt that the players are totally buff and have bodies to die for. I don't even look at the men in the crowd :)

Drowsey Monkey said...

Looking forward to the review ... I loved that show.

swile67 said...

can't wait to hear your review of the movie..i'm suppose to be going with my friend next week!
i thought of you yesterday at this wedding i was at..i think i remember a comment you made on someone's post about meeting guys at our age and it's better face to face than online!! anyways, one of the guests at my table asked us how old we were and he was shocked to find out i was 40..he said i looked so much younger! i graciously smiled and thanked him!! your point was proven because most guys our age online wouldn't even give me the time of day because of my age category, so it is better meeting face to face!!!:)

Lauren said...

Jessica, That would probably kill it for me too.

For the LONGEST time I had trouble watching her shows...not 'cause I don't like her as an actress, cause I do, but once while in college I waited on her while working in a shoe store on West 57th Street and I was so star struck and felt like I would hyperventilate and seeing her again reminded me of how stupid that made me feel. But well I got over it I guess ;-)

Gypsy, Hype shmype right? I agree with ya. I just really enjoyed the topics in the show and wanted to see the movie. The group was small but really great people!

The men in the theater were OLD. I mean old, like SENIOR SENIOR citizens. Geeze! Wonder why they went, wink wink!

Drowsey, I am so tired after the interrupted sleep from new kitties, BUT will give my honest opinion soon. I don't want to give the plot however as so many want to see it. So it will be short.

Karyne, Isn't it a wake up call when that happens? I can't say I will NEVER do online dating again but for now, I am out!

Soooo did you meet someone to go out with?