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Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Knee Deep


I spent the entire night up with the kittens. They have terrible pooh and they wouldn't stop running.

I think I may have to rethink my love of soft chocolate ice cream after what I saw over and over last night.

The Vet said to give Kaopectate which I haven't done yet. I have been using another holistic tummy medicine he gave me for Olivia about a year ago. He also instructed me to get them to eat white rice. That I have done.

I had to completely change two litter boxes that were already new ones, after cleaning that at least 20 times in about 4-5 hours. The poor girls had no where to walk, even after cleaning up right after each messy pooh.

The gurgling noises I heard from poor KC. OH MAN!

Cleaning their legs in my sink...oh the joys of the 2lb kitty screaming bloody murder at 3AM.

This morning I didn't see much in the boxes. I have no idea if this is because there is nothing left in the kitties to expel or if it is because they are getting better.

Then I had to feed the piggies. Sadie my less than 2lb kitty is a food stealer, if you didn't remember. So KC that smart gray kitty has learned to growl like a grown dog and eat and wack her paw sideways without looking away from her bowl, when she thinks Sadie is approaching. It is really funny to watch. It's like a cartoon...the speed of the wack in the head is something I will have to try to catch on video for all of you. It truly is something I have only seen in cartoons.

So right now Sadie and I are locked in my room while the other two are eating their own food in peace.

And I am praying for no more sick kitty poohs.


Jessica said...

Aw, poor kitties! Did they get into something bad?

Lauren said...

Jess, Poor kitties? Where's the love for me???? Nope they eat organic cat food, Innova and Wellness only. Vet says this happens. I am exhausted!

Jessica said...

Haha...somehow I knew you would say that! :)

leezee52 said...

Sorry about the Kitties !!! I fed Emme from the start when I got her home Iams dry kitten(in the purple bag) and Friskies in the can and not any trouble ever. I did mix alittle dry with the wet food to soften it until she was used to the dry. I also feed her Aristocats Cat Food in the can and she loves it. Also friskies cat food in the loaf is easier for kitties because they don't have to chew. Food for thought...tee hee

Dawn said...

Oh the joys!
I've given more than one kitty bath. Gotta love em!

Lauren said...

Jess, Not feeling the love baby. hurumph!

Lee- No they are getting the top of the line food. That other stuff is really really bad for them in the long run, full of junk junk junk and leads to so many health problems later. Have had cats since the age of 12.

Dawn, oh I know you feel my pain!

I spent hours driving around looking for kaopectate and a baby dropper that tell you how much of a tablespoon you have in the dropper. JOY JOY! Three pharmacies and hours later I got the goods and one dose in each baby.

Gypsy said...

Isn't "motherhood" a blast? Humans or animals...it's all the same when they're sick and need comfort and cleaning up.

Lauren said...

Gypsy, I called my mothers and whined that I felt I had adopted human infants.