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Monday, June 2, 2008

My Sex And The City Movie Experience

Sunday afternoon I met up with a Queens movie meetup group in Bayside. It was my first time meeting with this group. I was pleasantly surprised.

The organizer was super personable and down-to-earth. Out of nine folks that RSVP'd yes, five women showed up. We arrived around 12:30 for a 1:30 showing of Sex And The City, The Movie.

For some reason I had to make two bathroom trips before we even got into the movie. Not sure if I am getting an infection or this is just what happens as we age but I kept feeling like I needed to go, not that pressure feeling, but feeling like things were coming out of me but nothing was. So if any of you wise women who read my blog have any words of wisdom on what this is PLEASE for the love of g-d tell me!

OK back to the topic...At first the lobby was rather empty. But about 10 minutes to 1:00 they had us cue up starting right outside of the theater the movie was to play in. By the time they let us in that line was enormous and went down the hall and out to the lobby.

Our theather wasn't full but it certainly wasn't empty. We got great seats and no big-ass woman sat in front of litte five foot me to block my view. Woohoo! There were 20 minutes of previews. HOLY COW!

What surprised me the most was that there were a lot of senior citizens at this movie and many with their husbands. Dirty old men or dragged along with their elderly wives?

All in all it was a decent movie. If you liked the series you'll enjoy this and feel it was worth the price of the ticket. There is ONE scene that is absolutely jaw-dropping hysterically fantastic. You'll know which one this is when you see...

Did you really think I would spoil it for you?

Our meetup group rated this movie 3.5 starts on a scale of 5.

If you went to see the movie let us know what you thought.


Drowsey Monkey said...

I'm looking forward to seeing it. No spoilers for us huh?

Lauren said...

Drowsey, NOPE, no spoilers. And no pun intended...heehee.

Gypsy said...

I'm looking forward to seeing this movie too but it's completely sold out here for the next week. I guess I will just have to wait til the hype is over.