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Monday, June 9, 2008

Conversation With My Father

How's this for irony?

I had to call my father tonight about my tax refund check and what I owe the State of NY. After that was taken care of Dad says this:

"How come you sent the pictures of the other kitty to Mommy and not me?"

You've got to be kidding me!

"Because I didn't want to catch shit from you because you gave me such a hard time on the phone when I mentioned I might get two kittens instead of one."

"OH COME! Send me the photos WUD YA! I didn't give you a hard time. (senility) I don't care if you have hundreds of cats."

"Didn't you see them with Mommy?"

"What are you talking about? WUD YA just send me the photos. PLEASE."

"Can't Mommy forward them to you?"

TOTAL FRUSTRATION and change in tone and added desperation cause I am making him jump through hoops of course!

"NO. Her computer is too slow. Why can't you just send me the photos. I want to see the photos of the other kitty!!!!!"

OK OK DAD. Take a chill.

Cute Sadie story:

It's hotter than Satan's A-hole here in NYC so I went to the bodega and bought me an ice cream sandwich. I put some of the ice cream on my finger and offered it to both the kittens but KC doesn't want any part of it. Sadie on the other hand LOVES IT. But the Momma is a piggie too and ate it all.

I washed my hands and face and came back to the computer to write this post. Sadie jumps onto my desk, all 1.5 lbs of her and sits in front of me and grabs my fingers and starts inhaling them thinking she is going to get more ice cream.

Poor thing. ALLLLLLL GONE!


Drowsey Monkey said...

Ahhhh....too cute. My little one loves yogurt! The other two see her and they come running thinking it's gonna be something great ... when they get there & smell it they're like WTF? lol Gotta luv em.

Oh, and btw...way to hold the hoops for your poor dad...LOL Did you ever send them?

Lauren said...

Hey I just visited your blog while you visited mine! How'd you do that???

Yeah I think KC was kinding thinking WTF too. That's funny about the yogurt.

Yes, I just sent the photos to him. He's so EASY to screw with! :-D

Jessica said...

I glad things are going well with all your new family members! :) lol

And the story about your dad...very funny. Parents just crack me up sometimes.

Lauren said...

Hey Jessica! Yeah they are resigned!

Dad as funny...well I am not sure that is the word I would choose...but ah, ok?! ;-)

leezee52 said...

Ohhhhh....what a sweetheart...have her come over to Auntie Lee's house and I'll give her more ice cream. Try and stay cool...My daughter has taken 2 showers a day to keep cool..she lives in Williamsburg.

Lauren said...

Leezee52 -That's cool that your daughter lives to close to me. We should talk. Auntie Lee huh? Mom was going to name me Lee if I were a he. How ironic. Not sure why not Leigh instead of Lauren. You'd have to ask her. But alas, I can hear her answer, "LEAVE ME ALOOOOONE." HA!