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Saturday, June 14, 2008

Life's Too Short

Today's post is inspired by two things, the sudden passing of Tim Russert and a photo on Drowsey's post today.

Yesterday while going to my car to get my father's gift out of the back so that I could find the proper box for it and mail it to Florida for father's day and his birthday which suck for him as they fall into the same month, I noticed that some asshole tried to steal my license plate off the front of my car.

First this idiot was such a major moron that he didn't even realize that he didn't have to cut the plastic around the plate to take my license, but that is what he did. And because that is what he did I knew it wasn't that the plate just got loose but that some idiot tried to take it.

So here's my advice to that shitty thief: KEEP YOUR DAY JOB YOU LOSER. YOU SUCK AT STEALING!

So I realize I need to take the car to the mechanic to get them to fix this problem so that when I drive it, whenever I can afford gas again, it won't fall off.

I get in my car and put on talk radio. I am listening to Sean Hannity and he is telling nice stories about Tim Russert and he says,"He donated $10K to my charity and asked me never to tell anyone about it."


I realized immediately that something wasn't correct. People only divulge those stories when someone dies. But he isn't saying Tim Russert is dead or he died or what happened.

I picked up my cell phone and called my mother at work and asked her to go online and see what they are saying. Mom says, "Hold on a minute. No nothing on WABCradio.com, nothing on Yahoo." And so I say to Mom, "Go to CNN or something." And then I hear her, "OH MY G-D! OH MY G-D!" And at the same time the radio starts to play Tom Brokaw announcing the sudden passing of Tim Russert. And I am telling mom, "Shhh Shh." And I move the phone from my ear so I can hear the details.

What shock for all of us. 58. Only 58 and in a minute he is gone. Whatever you thought of his politics he had a brilliant mind. He could analyze stats and spin details like no other. In a flash the man is gone.

Today Drowsey has a post about rap music and foul words. But she also has a photo of two old folks walking hand in hand. The events I write about today and her photo made me think about my grandparents, and the time we spend with people.

So today I also share with you a photo from their wedding and a photo of them at what I think was their 60th wedding anniversary party a few years ago.

Grandma died almost three years ago. Grandpa is 90.

Usually we didn't see them being affectionate with each other so catching them kissing and showing this kind of love was a treat, which I share with you today. Grandpa is a curmudgeon, a complainer to the core. Grandma was the sweetest thing on earth.

Grandma stops by every now and then. How do I know this you might be asking? Or maybe I am being too nice and your thoughts lead you in another direction. :-) Well, sometimes a friend or even a stranger will mention something completely out of the blue, give me some word that doesn't seem to make sense, but it does to me. Like when one of my friends told me she saw roses around me. Grandma's name was Rose.

Grandpa doesn't feel so great lately and doesn't like to talk much on the phone. He gets tired, he says. But every now and then I pick up the phone anyway because life's too short.


Gypsy said...

Those photo's are just beautiful and I believe you when you say your Grandma still visits.

Whenever my mum loses something or needs advice about something, she asks her Dad (who has passed) for the answer. Within a day or two she finds what she was looking for even when she is not looking for it and the answers to her problems somehow become miraculously solved. She really believes her Dad is always around her.

Gypsy said...

PS Want me to put a curse on the moron who tried to take your license plate? Honestly...whatever next?

Drowsey Monkey said...

Love the photos and the story. Funny how that weird post I did inspired this! lol Actually it was the photo, I know.

Your grandparents sound like my parents. Curmudgeon & Sweet ... made a good combination I guess.

I was shocked to hear about Tim too, I really liked and admired him. I just saw him live on tv the day before or something. Such a shock.

Life is too short...it's good that we get reminded of that from time to time, just wish it wasn't when someone dies, abut that's the way it is.

Lauren said...

Gypsy, Many other things happen that let me know she comes around. It's quite fun.

No thanks on the curse, I'll let their bad Karma take care of it :-)
But thanks for having my back!!

Drowsey, Grandpa gave Grandma a hard time. I don't know how she put up with him honestly and I love him.

I wish it didn't take death to remind of that life is to short, either.

leezee52 said...

I loved your Grandparents photos...sooo cute!
Sorry about your car...that sucks!