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Friday, June 6, 2008

Sadie Puked A Lot Last Night. New Kitty Mommy Exhausted!

Sadie is a piglet. She will steal food from Leo about 100 times her size and he lets her. Baffling. I am actually proud of him for being such a good boy!

But last night Sadie puked about four times, under my bed no less, where it was hard to get to. All the food she ate just came up. She has puked before. She wouldn't drink any water on her own after that and I was quite concerned as she is so tiny that vomitting like that I fear could be fatal. She probably lost half her body weight, no exaggeration.

I took a syringe I had from Olivia and filled it with water and forced it down her. I also took some holistic tummy meds and gave a really tiny dose of the liquid to her, that I had from Olivia as well. She didn't like THAT very much.

She slept in bed with me throughout the night. Again not her usually M.O. Eight hours is a lot for a six week old kitten to sleep at one time.

This morning she went to her bowl to eat. However, the way she ate was quite different than her normal behavior. She usually will not leave the bowl. She did this time. She ended up going back and forth and I saw her take a little water on her own.

She played a little with KC and a sparkly toy I enticed her with. But I am concerned. So I called out from my temp job as a "family emergency". Heck that is why I temp. When I can't work or don't want to I don't and I work as much as I can to help buy me time to build my reputation in the field of my choice.

I may be taking her to the Vet today. I'll keep you posted about what we do.


swile67 said...

just like being a first time mom!!! all the best at the vet's!

Gypsy said...

Oh poor little Sadie. Swile is right. Animals can't tell you where it hurts anymore than a baby can which is why it's so worrying when they get sick. I hope she's going to be ok.

Lauren said...

Karyne, OH yes! And it's been so long i had forgotten about this.

Gyspy, I hope so too.

This morning she ate some food and ran around and is now sleeping. I am feeding her less at a time and more often. Watching to see if she pukes again.

Leo also puked last night. Didn't think much about it until this morning when he didn't want to eat. Hmmm

Called out to my temp agency. They didn't call client. Client called me upset. I called the office number to tell receptionist and got 20 questions. I really hate this assignment. They are way out of line with their position and who they think they are because they make a lot of money. I called to say I am sorry the agency didn't call them and I have an emergency and that I called my agency at 5am. Then a zillion questions, did you call "L"? Etc... Seriously, I am a temp for a week, I do not work for you. I have a life and it is calling! Geeze!

CupidsReviews Heidi said...

Wow! A piglet eh? How big is that thing going to get, and are you going to keep it into adulthood?

Jessica said...

Good luck at the vet. :)