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Wednesday, June 18, 2008


OK OK I took a look at my JDate profile. It's been a long long time and I thought let me just log in. Maybe some new guys will be on the site and my profile will then become searchable by most recent log ins by some fresh fellas.

Then I decided to look at who has viewed my profile. I figured no one lately because if you do not log in your profile ends up at the bottom of the searches.

Low and behold 32 days ago Jake, that tadpole who seemed so into me, who called me to talk for hours and who I seemed to click nicely with BUT told me he was an ageist and I was too old for him and was so immature as to not even have the balls to tell me to my face or even on the phone no less, opened my profile after MONTHS passed from that date.

If you don't remember or started reading my blog after that period of time let me catch you up. I experimented with my age on my JDate profile because at the ripe old age of 36, now 37, almost no men around my age within a five year spread was interested in meeting me, simply due to my age. Low and behold I changed my age to 31 (because quite frankly when I go out with friends I am always hit on by men that are around 10 years younger and think I am too) and a ton of men popped into my Jdate email box. So in choosing 31 I actually upped the age. But that is how I met Jake. If I never told him my age he would not have known a thing. But I wanted to be honest from our first date because it seemed like we were really hitting it off in the right areas.

The minute I told him my age, he started to freak out and then tell me how he met someone else and wanted to pursue that. I was stupidly caught off guard and told him that I wanted to see him regardless if he wanted to keep seeing me. My brain wasn't working correctly in that moment. What can I say...I am a bit slow sometimes!

Well a very insulting email came a few days later telling me how this was so hard for him because he really really likes me and he has lost sleep over this decision but that because I am older than he is he didn't want to see me.


Well bald 31 year old, now 32 is still on JDate, still looking and apparently at me. I haven't been online again for at least four months. I really have had enough with the online dating. It's garbage, bullshit, fake, and a big online magazine of women spread where men pick women out as if they were picking out a puppy.

"Let's see. I'll take a young, medium sized, dark haired, low maintenence bitch please." PUN INTENDED!!!

No thanks!

Well well I guess that special young girl who was so age appropriate didn't work out so well. At least not well enough that he decided to check out my profile again only 32 days ago and is logged on to the site again tonight.


I swear I am going to write that book titled: Who Gives A Shit If He Doesn't Call!


Jessica said...

What a jerk!
I'm telling you...WRITE that book...Women will buy it.

On the cover they can kind of bleep out shit with characters or something. :)

leezee52 said...

Hey kiddo forget about JDate and just go out with friends and have fun and you will meet someone when you least suspect it. Usually it's by a friend of a friend or someone has a cousin or brother. You can hire a Yenta...just kidding!!!!

Lauren said...

Jessica, YEP! And I am glad the universe took care of me in this situation. I think you're right and that the book would sell. I'll have to work on it this year.

Lee- YEP! And I do go out with friends and social groups and just do my thing. I am not even on the hunt. I go because I enjoy the activity and nothing more and I am comfortable that way. As far as a friend who has a brother or cousin...well, I have used all those up a long time ago. Not worried...it will happen with it is meant to be.

Drowsey Monkey said...

Jerk today, yesterday & tomorrow.

Gypsy said...

Sounds like you had a lucky escape to me Lauren. I sincerely believe that the universe will provide and when we are supposed to meet the person we are meant to be with we will whether we think we are ready or not. At least that has been my experience.

One New Years Eve I went out determined NOT to meet anyone and I met my husband. go figure eh?

Lauren said...


Gypsey,Lucky escape for sure! Sometimes in the moment it is so hurtful. Most still single men, forget that they aren't the only one in the room. They can say the most hurtful things. Maybe on my next date -- whenever that might be -- I should bring a copy of the book, "All I need to know I learned in Kindergarten" There's no reason to be mean. You can usually find a better way to say what you want if you just give it some thought. And after all, with this jerk off anyway, he claimed to have two sleepless days. Seriously, there have been plenty of men I wasn't interested in seeing again. I always try to find the least hurtful thing to say.