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Sunday, June 15, 2008

It's Official, Leo Does NOT Like My Singing

OK. I bought a Michael Buble karaoke cd Saturday during my break at work. Later that evening I decided since it was pouring rain and the huge Forest Park Night Walk was cancelled due to flash flood warnings and thunder and lightening, I would try out my new music to pass the time.

Yes, yes it was Saturday night and I am NOT on a date. But right now I am not seeking that out. If I should be thrown in the path of a fantastic man to date I am ready willing and able, but seeking it out...no no.

I sat myself down on the glider's foot stool infront of the fan and started to sing. At first, Leo just whined. Then he started to pace. Then when I tried a new song that I had to do in a high register, which I proudly can still hit, thank you, I felt 11lbs of fur and muscle fling itself onto my back, and heard a very loud crying plea for me to stop the noise.

You'll just have to use your imagination and picture this cause there is no video proof. And if you are getting a hysterical video in your mind you're on to exactly what transpired. This 11lb monstronsity, that I love, was fully on my back, all four legs with his head right next to my left ear crying.

I wish I had this on video because it really was funny. But I am too vein. I don't know that song very well and wouldn't want it posted for anyone to hear. But it was funny to have Leo react that way. So dramatic, just like his momma :0


swile67 said...

that is too cute...maybe you won't be making your debut on broadway!!!

leezee52 said...

Please please please send me a video of you singing!!! I promise I won't put it on youtube....yeah right...tee hee

Drowsey Monkey said...


When I sing Moses jumps up beside me and puts her paw on my mouth...so I get it.

She never attacked me tho, LOL

Lauren said...

Karyne, I guess not. Although people used to tell me they'd see me there.

Lee, I actually have a video of me singing on my blog. Have fun looking for it. I promise it's there.

Drowsey, That's funny!

I don't think Leo was trying to attack me as much as protect me from something that didn't sound good to him. It actually seemed loving. But the act of him flinging himself on me sent me into hysterical laughter.

Carrie said...

Were you singing into the fan?

Or were singing for your only fan?

Lauren said...

Apparently I don't have a fan, so I must have been singing into it. Very witty Ms. Carrie.

Gypsy said...

Oh don't feel too bad. At least he didn't try to fling himself out of a window.

Lauren said...

Gypsy, OY...do you know a cat that did that?

Carrie said...

Was the fan turned on?

No seriously, I don't know the who what why when where and how about it but a voice gets all creepy and warbling-ish when you sing into a fan.

Lauren said...

Carrie Carrie Carrie dear Carrie, It was really hot and sticky in my apt. so I sat close to the fan, so that I would catch the breeze. I didn't sing directly into the fan. I think Leo thinks I am crying when I hit very high notes. He comes over and kisses and hugs me and cries a lot. I tease him with scales and not while I am sitting near the fan. It's rather cute actually. But alas I am still too vein to tape it for all of you to hear and see.