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Sunday, June 8, 2008

Dancing Queen?

Well I have been inspired by Carrie and Gypsy to write about some childhood things.

Can you guess where I am in this photo? Here I will tell you a few things about me to help you guess: I am five years old, I have dark dark brown hair, I am wearing black ballet shoes even though I wanted pink.

OK OK ...all teasing aside, the midget on the right is me. YES, I am five years old there.

Mom put me in ballet class and here's what I remember. I know I loved to perform but in this class for some reason I felt silly and embarrassed. This teacher had all her students learn dances that together made a real ballet. The year I went to her dance school she did Alice in Wonderland.

I honestly don't remember much, I think most of the time and most of my life I am and was living in a fog, totally inside my head and not really paying attention to what others would or should. And I probably was doing that then too.

I do remember that my class had to sit in a circle and pretend to whisper something into the ear of the girl next to us. The teacher made it seem like it was the biggest deal and for some reason I don't know myself, I felt completely stupid doing this. So each time it was my turn the girls knew to pretend I did it, 'cause I just wouldn't and then take their turn.

But I do love this photo of me. It's adorable if I do say so myself. And seriously, I think it shows the potential of the adorableness of babies I could make with some lucky guy someday, wink wink ;-) So hey all you still single men out there...if you want your kids to even stand a chance at cuteness, you know where to apply.


Drowsey Monkey said...

I love this post, lol. Awww...look at you! So sweet. And yes, that's some good advertising you did there at the end...good genes ;)

I was in ballet too, I must have been like you, kinda in a fog. Still am in some ways I guess.

Love the photo :)

Carrie said...

Nice picture, I would not have guessed you were that tiny one, I thought for sure you were "white barette" girl.

Lauren said...

Drowsey, THANKS :-D
Always going for that markting angle. Can't help it! Yes it seems that we have many qualities alike, Ms. fellow Gemini.

Carrie, I think that girl was about eight or nine. Her sister is in the photo too. The sister is my age. As I said, I am the midget in the photo. I am only 5ft and eventually will shrink as most women do with age :-( There's only one way I can get larger...and I am not trying - HEEHEE.

Jessica said...

What a cute picture. I took ballet as a kid too, I don't really remember much about it. I don't imagine I was too good at it. I am so completely uncoordinated.

leezee52 said...

Very sweet photo...it looks like the other girls were older than you...and sure you might not have payed attention to the teacher....you were only "5" !!!

Lauren said...

Jessica, I am not all that coordinated either. I cannot partner dance very well. So sad because I love to do it.

Leezee52, I wish that was an excuse I could use. What can I say for myself now? I know, I am geriatric so ofcourse I don't hear. JUST KIDDING!

Some of the girls are older but a few were the same age. I was always the smallest in class. Used to bother me. Now I love it. Helps me get away with looking younger than I am! HEEHEE!

Gypsy said...

Gosh you were tiny and at 5ft you still are. I am 5'3" and I have always felt like a shortie. Funnily enough last Christmas our Dance School did Alice in Wonderland for their end of year concert. Emily was big Alice and Chelsea was Tweedle Dee. It was fantastic.