"The problem here is a totalitarian uniformity, a cult-like mentality such that even allies are enemies if they fail to follow the Exact Party Line. " - Phyllis Chesler

Thursday, June 19, 2008

Thursday's Thoughts

More information about one of my passions: Israel.

Were you aware that in Israel Arabs (all non-Jews actually) are full citizens with the full rights to vote and have representation in the Knesset (like our Congress).

During Apartheid, Black Africans were not allowed to vote nor were considered citizens of the very country they were born.

There are restrictions in the West Bank and Gaza (which Israel pulled out of about 2 years ago) that do not exist for those living in Israel proper. This is because those living there call for the complete destruction of the Jewish State of Israel and do not recognize Israel's right to exist. Black Africans never called for the destruction of South Africa only Apartheid.

Israel doesn't grant the Palestinian Arabs full citizenship for many reasons. One big reason is that to do so requires annexing of the West Bank and Gaza. Israel is not prepared to do this, since this was land forceably won in a war of aggression against Israel in 1967.

However, Israel grants full rights for the people living in the West Bank and Gaza to work inside Israel proper, they may attend University and schools inside Israel proper as well.

Before the "peace" deal brokered by then President Clinton in the 90's there were less roadblocks, less violence between both cultures and it was easier for those living in the West Bank and Gaza to enter Israel for work.


leezee52 said...

I'm probably going off of the topic but you know all through my life I was taught that Israel was a place where we could run to and feel safe if we needed to like WWII etc. and even though there is still tension in the middle east it's nice to know we can go there...In our family we have always had our passports ready to go at a moments notice. People who aren't Jewish I don't think understand what it's like to have a Jewish state.

Lauren said...

Lee, sadly most do not understand this. It's true. Those same people never question the Islamic states that exist, how they came into existance,the Jews who lived there for centuries but were either expelled or fled. There is Egypt, Lebanon, Jordan, Syria, Iraq, Kuwait, Saudi Arabia,Bahrain, Quatar and the U.A.E. Iran is also an islamic state but it not Arab. Most do not allow Jews to live in their countries and we forget that before these regimes came to power Jews lived there for centuries.

swile67 said...

Lee and Lauren..thank you for all this important information. As a Christian, I do know that the Jewish people lived in those countries! I am thankful for that Biblical background because it has helped me in understanding a wee bit of what is happening in the middle east. I am glad to hear you can run to Israel and feel safe...due to the media , we are led to believe it is not safe over there.