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Sunday, December 16, 2007

Yesterday I Might Have Been, Tomorrow I Could Be...

If only...
Many years ago I spent a year on my floor. This is no exaggeration! My heart and spirit were broke. I was tortured with thoughts about "what if". It was like listening to a broken tape player with no stop button.

I lost weight, I cried every day. I felt very very tortured. I cannot fully explain what it was like for me during this time. I can never recover that time. I can only let it teach me my lessons. Since that time I have turned towards spirituality. I don't always act in a spiritual way and I often get lost in the person I am spending time with. But I strive to be flexible with myself.

My local PBS station was showing Wayne Dyer lecturing about the Tao de Ching.

As I was watching Wayne Dyer on PBS today he quoted Emmerson:
"A foolish consistancy is the hobgoblin of little minds."

Wayne Dyer also quoted many verses in the Tao, one of them stuck out to me:
"Hidden in all the misfortune is good fortune."

If I had not lived through that dark time I would never have had the opportunity to see things as I do today. I would not have the openness to read authors such as Dr. Dyer, Caroline Myss, Marianne Williamson or even Elizabeth Gilbert. I know the last relationship as frustrating as it was will serve its lessons to me and show its purpose. It was the catalyst to start this blog. To have a place to list my thoughts and get them out of my head, good bad or ugly and allow my brain the place and space to recuperate and regenerate.

I sincerely hope that in reading and sharing my life that you can find the value in what I am sharing for yourself too.

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