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Monday, December 10, 2007

Counter Poll

I visited Barbara's site today. She has a great post about her experiences with men, her body image and a male-based reltionship site, "Midlife Bachelor" that has posted one of her articles.

Barbara explains that she feels bitter seeing the polls that the site owner has put up. Believe you me, I am with ya on that one sista! But the truth is that men get away with bad behavior on a mass level because they can. "We" let them. And why is that?

So I have put together a counter poll for women. Not sure this is the solution but it will start the discussion, or at least I hope it does.

I welcome your comments and feedback on this one and you can email me off site if you feel so moved at
canubapartofmylife@gmail.com Unlike THAT site owner I won't set up an offensive email address such as angrywomanfeedback@midlifebachelor.com and then lecture you about your feelings, because I don't I believe that if you disagree with my views you are angry or wrong.

Before you put in your vote, let me be clear in that I fully understand how flawed this polling BS is. First the set-up assumes there is only one answer. Second, the answers are a short list of what the poller has decided are the answers, the only answers you can choose. Kind of silly and stupid if you ask me, but let's play his game and see where it might lead us.

Which of these qualities attracts you to a man?

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1 comment:

Barbara (aka Layla) said...

You have a lot of class. I can't believe he has an email address with that name. Very insulting.

I hope you get some feedback, this is a GREAT blog that needs to be read!