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Friday, December 7, 2007

What Women Wish You Knew

I found the following site today. It is a Christian-based site and truthfully this single Jewish gal could do without the values being labeled as Christian. I think they are universal values that most women wish men knew.

The site is http://www.boundless.org/
I took the liberty of ammending the key values they outline slightly and here they are:

  1. Show some respect - if you are truly charming you will be respectful about all women and not make derrogatory remarks towards women you don't find physically attractive, your old girlfriends no matter how things ended etc..
  2. Be kind to everyone - we are watching how you treat other people, period. Arrogance towards the waiter or waitress etc... shows lack of character. If you think it is ok to be condescending to someone you aren't trying to get to like you, how will you treat me later on in the relationship once you "have me"?
  3. Be accountable for your actions - self explanitory
  4. Love your family - you don't have to have the best relationship with all your family members however, show that you have done all you can to work out your familial issues.
  5. Take initiative - it's your job to chase us. Sorry, not gonna be PC about this one!
  6. Take a Risk - walk up to the women you like and risk being shot down.

Have something to add to the list? Shoot me an email at canubapartofmylife@gmail.com

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Barbara (aka Layla) said...

Lauren, thanks for the great comment you left on my blog! I immediately knew I liked you and added you to my list. You have a very interesting blog here and I will be back to read more of it!!!!!