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Thursday, December 6, 2007

Astrology 101- Part 2, Modalities And Polarity

So now that you know about the elements and have found your astrological sign and it's element it's time to move on to understanding the modalities and polarities of your sign.

There are three modalities that your sign might fall under: cardinal, fixed or mutable.

Cardinal: gets out there and does things, makes things happen, there is no focus - just starting, the starter the intiator, the go getter, no staying power

Fixed: this is the point "I" arrived and I am not moving, resistance to movement, once you move it it won't stop and it is persistant in its motion, the force to fulfill committment

Mutable: doesn't try to get around things or start on its own, when an obstacle shows up it redirects it, acts in defense, movement depends on the opponent making a move and reacting to that move coming at it, redirection

There are two polarities: Yin and Yang

Yin: reflective, allows itself to be formed (masculine)
Yang: casts form

Aries: cardinal/yang
Taurus: fixed/yin
Gemini: mutable/yang
Cancer: cardinal/yin
Leo: fixed/yang
Virgo: mutable/yin
Libra: cardinal/yang
Scorpio: fixed/yin
Sagittarius: fixed/yang
Capricorn: cardinal/yin
Aquarius: mutable/yang
Pisces: mutable/yin

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