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Sunday, December 30, 2007

What Was Your 2007 Year Like?

Name one new thing you tried this past year?

What major event happend to you in 2007?

What was your favorite place you visited in 2007?

Biggest regret?

Greatest Joy?

I'll go first.

New thing I tried: This year I tried online dating after a long absence from dating in general.

Major event: I lost my precious cat, Emily. She was 15 and although I have had cats since the age of 12 she was one of two I had/have all on my own and she was incredibly special. She greated me at the door, would come when I called her. She knew "get down" "you want a treat?" "up up" and when I asked her "you wanna eat?" she would always meow at me in response. She LOVED to get into trouble. I would find her in the bathtub after my showers, just splashing around. Needless to say she was very social. When she got sick it was heartbreaking. People ask me if I got another cat since she died. No I have not. The idea that I had to be responsible for choosing the day that she died will never sit right with me. I know Olivia (my other cat) is a bit lonely but for now I can't bring myself to do this all over again.

Favorite place to visit: Leander, TX. (Austin) I got to see my friend Candace's ranch and get pictures taken and share a special holistic event with her. She is awesome!

As far as biggest regret, well, I'd have to say not taking more time and giving the last relationship more of a chance to be something better. The outcome might have been just the same but I'll never know. UPDATE: I have a bigger regret. One which I always force to push out of my mind. When I had to put Emily to sleep I was so distraught and didn't have the strength to be in the room with her. Things happened and she bolted and I will forever ever ever regret not pulling myself together and comforting her when she needed it. I was just a ball of complete watery worthless shit that moment. I have since spoken with a well-respected animal psychic communicator on LI who told me Emily doesn't hate me or think about that at all and comes around for visits a lot and loves me. I sure hope so!

Greatest joy: watching a baby being born in front of my very eyes for the first time.

Tag! You're it!!!


InRepose said...

New thing: Buffalo cutting. (Where you practice moving a buffalo along a fence with your horse instead of a regular old boring steer. LOL.)

Major Event: The death of our precious, favorite sweet soul, our little rat boy Lennon.

Favorite Visit: The Santa Ynez mountains in CA for a professional photo shoot of gorgeous horses and movie star type models and being so lucky with timing that the hills caught fire the day after we left.

Biggest regret: Not riding my horses enough, and yelling at my mom.

Greatest Joy: My beautiful, talented, smart as a whip, ambitious and funny daughter...watching her become a successful young lady and enjoying her company has been my greatest joy for several years.

Barbara (aka Layla) said...

Oh fun, great questions!

Name one new thing: I am so dang boring....I can't think of a single new thing I tried this year!

Major Event: Hmm. The first thing that came to mind was getting a call from the cops when my son was arrested because it was MAJORLY disappointing. I don't think I have ever been able to completely relax since that phone call.

What was your favorite place you visited in 2007? I didn't go anywhere

Biggest regret? Not being more aware of what my son was up to

Greatest Joy? Hanging out with my 5 year old nephew cause we have a very cool relationship

Lauren said...

Candace, so exciting. I hope someday I can write something like you have about your daughter!

Barbara, OH COME ON NOW GIRLFRIEND, did you try a new food, new diet, new pill???? Hey wait, didn't you write about a new lip product on YOUR blog today. Hmmm :-)

I almost got arrested when I was 14 years old. I'll tell you about it off blog if you contact me. Boy does your story bring me back to that memory that I had tucked deep deep away!

Since my brother is "batting out of order" I suppose I will have some nice memories soon of playing with a niece or nephew. You'll have to give me some tips.