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Friday, December 28, 2007

Have You Been 12-Stepped?

I learned a new phrase today. It is called being 12 Stepped. In a nut shell this is when you are with another person and they use 12 Step philosophy and jargon to seduce you. Now you don't have to hear the typical 12 Step AA jargon to be 12 Stepped. It can be from any number of organizations that are out there.

When you are being 12-Stepped the person throwing out the jargon at you is using the terminology that he or she clearly knows you don't understand, because you never took the courses from those organizations, to manipulate you to go along with something they want you do to for or with them.

Here's what Newsweek has to say about Jargon: "Jargon is a language of insiders. It undermines communication with everyone else"

12 Step programs are supposed to be there to help teach us how to live better and take responsibility for our lives and actions NOT to give us tools on how to manipulate others into taking part of what we want them to do.

As with anything in our lives moderation is the key. Before the comments start to roll in let me be very clear. I AM NOT AGAINST 12 STEP PROGRAMS. What I am against are people who go to all these groups and then use the knowledge to get things out of people rather than to help improve their own lives.

Have you been 12 Stepped Lately? You know you have been when someone is using jargon and you ask them to further explain and you get a defensive answer or they say they just can't explain it to you. This is a red flag that you are probably being manipulated. If the person makes a concerted effort for you to understand their definition, thereby allowing you the information you need to make an informed choice then you have nothing to worry about. Being 12-Stepped is all about the INTENT of the 12-Stepper.

Here was one of my favorites (that I didn't understand when I heard it...researched it and laughed because I realized how it was used to manipulate me instead of being used to help the person themself)
"buying happiness on credit"

What are some of your favorites that you have heard? Share the best of what you know...tip off the next person so they don't fall into that person's trap.

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Perplexio said...

Ads have gotten better about this, but the one that used to really rankle me was when people/companies would refer to "JD Power and Associates" in their commercials as if that were supposed to mean something to me, without ever going into detail about who JD Power was and who his associates were. For all I knew JD Power could be a goat and his associates could be trolls living under a bridge with him.

Newer ads do make reference to the JD Power website where you can actually get SOME explanation of who the hell JD Power and Associates are and what it is they do and why their opinion is one worthy of paying attention to.