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Sunday, December 30, 2007

What 2008 Holds

When I was a child I loved the number 8. I couldn't tell you why. I played soccer in my town's intramural league and each year I asked for shirt number 8. I think I just liked the way it looked. But past that I don't know.

Recently I learned while attending a social group that the number 8 is a very strong manifesting number. I did a little internet digging and found the following out for you about what the number 8 represents:

achievement, abundance, strength, self-disciplined, power, success, authority, intensity, supervisor, grandeur, material manifestor

In Tarot the number 8 represents Strength/Justice
In Astrology the number 8 represents Saturn, Sun, Leo, Pluto,Scorpio
In the Runes Elhaz represents the number 8
In the Tree of Life the number 8 represents Hod, Majesty (Splendor, Glory)
The Hebrew Letter Cheth, Pe represent the number 8
In Shamanism eight is the Lion and Butterfly
In Alchemy it is Fire and Water
Eight is the element Earth
The colors that represent the number 8 are Rose, Violet Purple (magenta), Deep Indigo
The gemstones that represent the number 8 are Diamond, Fire Opal
The musical note high C represents the number 8
The eight months is August
The day of the week that represents the number 8 is Thursday (I was born on a Thursday)

All in all, not a bad number to pick as your favorite even if you didn't know why!

So what does this mean for the new year, 2008?

2008 promises to be a new beginning collectively. 2+0+0+8 = 10
Keywords of the number 10 include honor, faith and self-confidence. (the day of the month I was born was 10)
In numerology however, we continue to break down the numbers until they come to one single digit unless the numbers total 11 or 22 which are considered power numbers. But numerologists still look at the number 10 to forecast 2008 before they break it down further.

Because the number 2008 adds up to the number 10 we will see that this year will be fruitful because faith in something; anything, helps develop self-confidence. And being honorable goes without question, and 2008 will be full of both these aspects.

Once broken down 10 becomes 1+0= 1. This means that universally we will be on a 1 year and we will be starting on a whole new numerological 9 year cycle.

2008 will see all stumbling blocks removed. It will be a time of new beginnings. Being individualistic and unique will be encouraged. Authenticity will be regarded very highly as the number 1 does not like falseness of any kind.

2008 will be an excellent time to plan for your long-term future. Lay firm foundations that will pay dividends over the next 12 years.

On the flip side of 2008 avoid indecision; doubt; moodiness; giving up too easily and neglecting details. The number 1 aspires to perfection and is very independent. Think carefully about starting any business partnerships; working on your own might be more beneficial.

One of the lessons for the number 1 to learn is that perfection doesn't actually exist, tolerating and learning to love each other will be high on the agenda this year.

As I write this post I cannot help but see the lessons that foreshadowed 2008 for me. Most of which I have shared with you already on this blog. The last person I was with admitted on his blog (which I shared with you) that he was in awe of my faith and wished he had some of that in him and will be seeking that out in the coming year. I learned that I do not have to be perfect to be loved and I believe that is also a lesson this person is going to be dealing with on the flip side, that a person doesn't have to be perfect for him to love them. I hope he will learn how to be more tolerant of those who wish to love him and I have asked to meet someone who will be more tolerant of my misgivings.

I started a new venture mid year and I have asked to be supported by allowing this business to grow and financially support me. According to my trainer she is excited for me and feels I am doing well and is in awe of how fast I was able to acquire clients and gain experience. :-) It is the career I was put on earth to do and I am grateful I finally found it at my late age.

Good, bad or ugly, I have always been described as independent, unique and no nonsense. It makes complete sense to me now that I understand what the number 10 represents and my favorite number 8 too. I have never been one who can put up with lies. As the number 1 does not like falseness of any kind this makes complete sense to me.

I know some people find this sort of thing silly. For me it is just an act of faith. I never used to hold much regard for this kind of thing and it was more of a"for shits and giggles" thing. But now that I am in my late thirties and have really developed a sense of who I am and what I want and need, I look at these things and see the uncanny description of all that I have realized. Some things cannot be proven without a doubt. They are just acts of faith and inner knowings.

For those of you who need hard science, well I cannot give that to you. But perhaps this scientific fact will stir you to think more about what I wrote today: aspirin was used for 70 years before science began to understand how it worked. (Source: University of Minnesota)

Please share your thoughts with me on this subject. I look forward to your comments!

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Barbara (aka Layla) said...

Fascinating! I hope that 2008 is a fruitful and positive year for you, me and well - everyone!