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Tuesday, September 16, 2008

The View's Vicious Interview

The hosts of ABC's The View were vicious to Sen. John McCain during his appearance this week.

OK OK these ladies are NOT journalists they are television personalities BUT I remember when Michelle Obama was on their show. The tone was so very different. They were cordial and respectful and even had a conversation about how diversity was so important.

EXCEPT when the diversity comes from another point of view/opinion...then all best are off and it's ok to be rude in your questioning and uncivil to your scheduled guest.

The irony of it all was that they were attacking McCain for what they felt were attacks on Obama. They felt that some of his ads were lies. Therefore justifying the 1-lack of eye contact from Barbara WOOWOO and 2-her very obvious body language of crossed arms and angry facial expressions. This from a newswoman who is supposed to be unbiased and has made several stated claims about how she cannot talk about certain topics on The View because of her role in ABC's news division.

Forget about the way Joy Behar went after McCain. Ms. Behar, it's ok to disagree or even not like the ad McCain ran, but you took all your legitimacy from your argument away when you showed that you had no sense of decorum in your delivery of your questioning.

What was all the hoopla about? It was about two ads that McCain ran that he endorsed about Obama's comments regarding the "lipstick on a pig" remark and Obama's position on sex education.

Were those ads exaggerations? Yeah I would say so. I never agreed with the press making such a big deal out of an expression so many people use even if the timing was suspect. And yes McCain used spin to make Obama's position on sex education to 5 years olds look suspect.


These women didn't seem to have any contempt for The Obama's at all, even though they sat in a racist church for 20 years and have personal friends who bombed and killed innocent civilians right here at home.

Nope they were cordial including Elisabeth Hasselback who is a Republican.

Were these same women as angry about the lie-filled ad Obama ran about John McCain and his supposed ignorance to the use of the Internet and e-mail?

You'd have thought that at the very least Sherri Shepherd would be offended since she has a son with disabilities. Or perhaps it is just that with Ms. Shepherd her value system is such that the race of the person trumps the actual issues and character. I wonder if that is the case how she will feel when the shoe is on the other foot and she goes to someone for help for her son for his disabilities and they choose to help someone else first based on race.

I thought the Democratic party was supposed to be the champions of the disabled and their rights. YEAH RIGHT?!

Tom Bluner at newsbusters.org says the following about this ad against McCain:

It has already been established (at NewsBusters; at BizzyBlog) that the Obama campaign's ad ridiculing John McCain's computer skills, including the claim that McCain "can't e-mail," has several reality-based problems:

McCain has been an e-mail devotee since 2000, if not earlier, receiving help from a loving spouse to respond to messages, and was described by Forbes Magazine that year as "the U.S. Senate’s savviest technologist."
The reason McCain gets help with e-mail is that his severe war injuries prevent him from doing many things many of us take for granted, including typing on a keyboard.
Further, the current and previous Oval Office occupants have rarely used e-mail -- the former because he never learned how while in office, the latter because of legal considerations. Future occupants will likely be, and probably should be, similarly constrained.
So it's as clear as can be that Obama's ad is wrong and, intentionally or not, very mean to a man whose physical challenges are a result of beyond-the-call service to our country.

Beyond all that, Kevin Aylward at Wizbang has noted that McCain's 2000 presidential run was effusively praised as a groundbreaking high-tech campaign by a Democratic Internet pioneer in a 2005 book.


Da Old Man said...

Isn't it so funny how they do try so hard to pretend to be impartial, but every chance they get to do otherwise, the claws come out.

Chat Blanc said...

I applaud McCain for braving that den of snakes. I simply cannot stand how that group of women conducts itself and the "favorites" they play with guests, even celebs. They come across much like a high school clique of haters. In my not so humble opinion! :D

Lauren said...

Chatty, Poor guy. You should have seen his face.