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Sunday, September 21, 2008

Bail Out ?

I'm not going to claim I know jack crap about economics. Heck we can't be experts in everything.

BUT I was just thinking...

Wouldn't it have been just as easy and better for the entire country IF:

the same money used to bail out all the recent firms was instead given on behalf of all those who defaulted on their mortgages to those same institutions, paying off the loans, allowing those people to keep their homes AND the business firms getting their monies.


Da Old Man said...

You want to try to use logic? The government caused most of these problems by allowing/encouraging/forcing the banking industry to make loans to people who either lacked the responsibility or the ability to pay back those same loans.

dani c said...

Ha, I said the same thing. But really, who gives a shit about us little people right?

Michelle said...

I agree and would like to add that whoever is "in charge" at those banks and didn't know something was going wrong at BILLIONS of dollars in the hole, should definitely be fired.

Lauren said...

D.O.M., Sorry --there I go again being logical, harumph.

Dani, oh dear. Maybe things will change soon.

Michelle, good to see you around here again. Oh yes they knew all too well! Fired...I think JAIL is more like it.

Chat Blanc said...

I so wish! Unfortunately the economy is manipulated/influenced by some very large financial organizations, more so than many folks would even imagine.