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Sunday, September 7, 2008

License Plate Covers

I couldn't snap the photo because I felt too many eyes on me BUT today I saw a car with Jersey plates and a vanity plate cover that said:

Jack Daniels

Does anyone else see something seriously wrong with this?


Candid Carrie said...

Not unless you owned and operated and invented all that is Jack Daniels ... than I say advertise and grow rich.

In Wisconsin we don't have the luxury of covering our plates. We have to have both plates visable at all times.

No one can cover up their plates and say "got milk" or "eat cheese" or anything around here!

Lauren said...

Carrie, you crazy my friend, wackadoodle. HEEHA!

I may not be calling this item by the proper name. Here in NY and NJ you have to have both plates, but people have those covers surrounding them. I don't know the proper name I guess. That said Jack Daniels. On a car I just think that's plain old bad.

But well your answer was super funny.

BTW the driver and passenger were about 25 tops.

Thanks for stopping by. No opinion on the trojan post? HAHA.

Aleta said...

There goes the "don't drink and drive" mantra! Well, I'd say the driver has a sense of humor (hopefully that's the case for the plate). But yeah, it's a wrong message.

Da Old Man said...

Maybe his name was John Daniels? Nah, he probably was just an idiot.

HappyHourSue said...

I always just say to anyone watching: "It's for my blog." Surprisingly, no one has said "Cool! What's the url?" yet. Hmmm.

Re: my contest today: you're new, so you wouldn't recognize that the Bathtub Gangsta doll is a recurrent character, and everyone calls him BG. (Bee gees...BG)

Note to self: Enough with the inside jokes.

Just had to threaten some of the people I'm following on Twitter to cut the Democrat crap or I'll unfollow them.

Lauren said...

Aleta, totally wrong message. But makes for great blogging :-)

D.O.M., You're always right! How DO you do that!???

HappyhourSue, THANKS for the clarification. I was really feeling lost. Now I can play better next time.

Oh leave those poor dems alone. Some day they'll come around, and without their twitters we couldn't make fun of them. Why don't you and I get a post together with some of the "better" things they say. HAHAHA! That'll teach 'em!

BTW I am a registered Dem. But I consider myself an indie. :D

Chat Blanc said...

that car would go perfectly with a drive-thru at a liquor store. :P

Jessica said...

Honestly, I don't see a problem with it..unless they are driving while/or after drinking.

Hope your weekend was restful! :)

Brian Jude said...

Jack Daniels is a well-known car dealership in northern NJ, named after the man who started the company:


The plate cover probably came from there. I see nothing wrong with it.

When you focus your mind on looking at things that are red - go and try it, look around your room and find all the things that are red - when you close your eyes, your mind will never recollect the things in the room that are green, or blue or yellow.

Keep your mind open, otherwise you'll miss out on all of the beautiful things the world has to offer...

It's been a pleasure being a subscriber to your blog.

Lauren said...

Chat, HAHA!

Jess, don't think that is the point. But ok.

Brian, RIGHT, except that NO ONE would ever know that unless they lived near where ever that is and like it or not the reality is that the name Jack Daniels makes just about everyone think of alcohol..

BTW the first list looks like this to me:
jack daniel saudi...not sure which is worse!

If the cover is indeed from that dealership then shame on them. It's as bad as the drug store near my home that is S&M pharmacy.

Maybe you should take a photo of the dealership (that you say is so well known but I never heard of or D.O.M. who lives in NJ too) and send it to Leno. It's hysterically ironic and funny.

Lauren said...

Brian, BTW it was NOT the location you mentioned. Any dealership puts their contact information on the cover. This one only said Jack Daniels. So who's thinking PINK?