"The problem here is a totalitarian uniformity, a cult-like mentality such that even allies are enemies if they fail to follow the Exact Party Line. " - Phyllis Chesler

Monday, September 22, 2008

PC And NOT The Useful Kind

Today's post comes from a very special blogger, Joe AKA D.O.M. Over at Joe's blog you'll find a whole lotta funny. Today he writes on a more somber topic.

Our country has been heading down a slippery politically correct (PC) slope for quite some time. We have stifled dialog for fear of offending any person or group. What is the point of this? Have we not learned from the past?

I do not mean that it’s ever appropriate to use hateful names or engage in behaviors that purposely curtail the advancement of any segment of society, but rather, we need to openly engage one another to make us all better.

The PC crowd has assumed the mantle of thought police better than any dictator like Hitler or Stalin ever dreamed. No need for a Gestapo or KGB agent with them on the case. And the worst part is the line in the sand has been drawn, and then shifts rather capriciously. Entire groups of people seek out offenses, rather than seeking out common ground. This is the biggest change I have witnessed in my life. The PC police seem to forget the first lessons we learned in school, respect each other. Talk out our problems, while maintaining that respect. Kindergarten ground rules should apply to every situation. Give everyone a chance to explain, rather than jump to a conclusion. And ensure that the rules are the same for everyone to keep it fair.

That last point may be the most important of all. We need to have a level playing field. We need to accept that bad behavior by one is recognized as bad behavior by all. One’s stupid mistake is everyone’s stupid mistake. Running from the police, or making a threatening gesture isn’t cultural, it’s stupidity. When a police officer flashes a badge and brandishes a gun, that is not the time to celebrate diversity--it’s the time to embrace American culture and comply with the request.

And this is the type of thing that needs to be honestly addressed. The unnecessary loss of even one life is too many, yet by consistently failing to address this situation, due to Political Correctness, it becomes a disservice to us all. The great mysteries of society’s ills, crime, poverty, racism, sexism, damn near every ism imaginable could be addressed, and possibly solved if we only could open up the dialog. Stop searching for the hurting, and start looking for the healing. The PC crowd is a yappy Chihuahua that needs to be chained up.

More from Joe:

Just ask anyone, the following are absolutely "true facts."

The Democrats are the party of the working man.

The Republicans have all the money behind them.

Ask 100 sheeple and they will all agree with you.

Now, this is an undisputed and real fact: the nation is approximately 50-50 Democrat and Republican. Look at any national election, and the vote going back as far as I can remember has rarely indicated otherwise.

Here's what I don't understand. How come, in this, and in so many other elections, the Democrats raise double the money of the Republicans?

55% of the vote is a landslide, and that rarely happens.

Currently Obama has received around 70% of the total dollars anyone donated to the election (that is both parties combined.)

He has approximately 50% more money already than McCain could expect to get all together.

So, how could sheeple continue to parrot the lies I stated above? Media manipulation.


Aleta said...

I agree that the PC police have taken things to an extreme. I do believe that some negative and hateful words should have been addressed and in doing so, correct the issue, rather than sweep it under the PC broom. Unfortunately, you give credit to some and they take it for a longer walk that what was originally expected. Respect is the key to every avenue of life - from education, relationships, business, politics, you name it, but it is greatly lacking in this day and age. It's going to take a strong wave of emotions to bring back respect, but when emotions are high, it's a dangerous time.

Interesting ending about the donations. I read somewhere, but I don't know how true it is that most of Obama's donations are not from America.

Lauren said...

Joe's a pretty smart guy. I didn't know that about where his donations were coming from. It'd be interesting if you could tell us more.

Chat Blanc said...

You go DOM!! You know, I saw the figures the other day on the campaign funding and nearly shat myself. I can't believe how much money is behind this election, and specifically Obama. I seriously thought, "Are they trying to 'buy' the Presidency?"

lot 2 learn said...

Should the large amount of money raise some red flags ? It did for me, but when you look at the type of behind the scene connections Obama has..... did I say that out loud ? OOP's

Jay said...

I stand by my belief that Political Correctness is the greatest social evil of our time. It fosters suspicion, and it fosters jumping to conclusions, ostracising people, kangaroo court tactics, and fear.

We are now all afraid to voice what we think or feel for fear of someone pointing the finger and crying 'Un-PC!'. It's no exaggeration to say that people have been hounded out of jobs or quietly dropped or passed over for promotion because of something the said in confidence to a collegue and which was misunderstood.

One cannot joke anymore for fear of offending people, or allow children to take any kind of risk in their play. And one of the saddest things is that competition is disallowed in case the losers feel bad, and we wonder why our children are not motivated.