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Friday, September 5, 2008

For the Brain, Remembering Is Like Reliving

How ironic that this story was in the NYTimes online today.

Scientists have for the first time recorded individual brain cells in the act of summoning a spontaneous memory, revealing not only where a remembered experience is registered but also, in part, how the brain is able to recreate it.

This afternoon, after about five years, I received an email with my Ex's name on it. I opened my private email account while at work and there staring at me is this bastard's name. And yes that is how I see it all this time later. The narcissist was at it again.

Clearly he knows I don't read fully in Spanish! Clearly he had an email address of mine that I opened well after our demise. So clearly he had googled me and found out about me. And clearly he is still a pussy and chose to send some bullshit online social book request from a Spanish social site, to me to let me know he knows about me and wants contact.

I had a coworker translate to let me know just what the email said. FUN FUN NOT!

Here's my response in case he ever happens upon this blog:


I have no time for a narcissist like him ever again. I learned my lesson the hard way and I am not interested in learning about his life now, his probable marriage and kids. He can take his limp penis and shove it in some other stupid womans hoohoo and make whatever babies he wants.

Perhaps he is back at Harvard and needs me to write his papers again for him. Too bad this time!

This chick has grown stronger and wiser and won't let someone like him, back into my life ever ever ever again.

Thanks once again for showing your narcissistic colors by contacting me after so long, after such a tumultuous break-up.

Fool me once...


Aleta said...

Well, bless you for your strength! I've been through a difficult divorce, not a pleasant thing in the least. And oddly enough was contacted by the ex soon after he was dating someone again. I think it's a man's way of feeling like they are better off - need to feel that power or control.

Glad you aren't giving him the control. He doesn't deserve a response! (And I have to laugh that you shared it with the world - kind of puts in into perspective and makes him look the fool!) Lol

Lauren said...

Aleta, I will NEVER give him control or a point of reference or anything else for that matter. He can screw up his life without any more contact from me. He is a total BOBO.

Aleta said...

OMG - I just saw the picture (it wasn't there when I first responded) - Classic! LMAO

Da Old Man said...

I'm in hysterics here. I hope he comes across the blog and reads this. LOL.

Lauren said...

D.O.M., doubt he will find it. You see that would mean that he had to manipulate someone to do the research for him because he can't do shit on his own. I know I know...tell you how I really feel.

BUT the good news is I finally put you in hysterics :-D

Jessica said...

That picture is odd! I'm proud of you...so strong. :)

Lauren said...

Jess, Yes - 1 year on your floor wishing I you were dead, 4 + years of on and off therapy, years of weekly karaoke friends and blowing off steam and you too can be this strong.

Jessica said...

Yep, that'll do it.

Frizzy and Bird said...

All I can say is, "OUCH!" If only we had the strength to know better before we meet these guys. Then again, I tell myself it's because of these losers that we find Mr. Right. Anything he does/says after them should be a walk in the park and make him look like a Saint. Close to it anyway.;)

Shannon@Vogue Mum said...

At least you have a nice reminder why it ain't ever going to work out! What a jerk!! That pic?? i was pretty confused at first haha.

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Gypsy said...

Bravo Lauren. I hope he DOES get to read what you think. One less over inflated ego in the metropolis has to be a good thing right?

Have a great weekend.

leezee52 said...

You go girl!

Chat Blanc said...

You go girl!! He sounds like a massive turd, a major tool and you're WAY TOO AWESOME for that! :D

btw, is there backstory on this in your archived posts? I'd like to read up if you've shared it, we may have even more in common with crap relationship experiences! :)

Lauren said...

Frizzy, It was THE hardest lesson in my life. I lived through Vulvodynia and this was worse. Yes it made it a little easier with the rest that came after. Thanks for popping in today.

Shannon, yes he has that ability to cause such complete confusion. the picture served its purpose.

Gypsy, you give him too much credit. Narcissists will never see it OUR way.

Lee, thanks. Yes I have finally learned to think of my needs first. Self preservation baby!

Ms Chatty, I think I may have given the back story is itty bitty bits and pieces. Much has been because I did not want to give energy to him/it which is the past. Maybe I have to write it up. It's complicated. I suspect from the things you write that we share a lot of traits and are in some ways soul sistas!