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Thursday, September 25, 2008

Because I REALLY Need One

Mama Kat is giving away a Hoover and I REALLY NEED ONE.

Those of you who have been following my blog for a while know that money is very tight for me and that I work many jobs. You also know I recently adopted 3 kitties, 2 of which are special needs and one of them is super hyper (although a total lovebug) and makes a mess like I could never have imagined. I have had cats since the age of 12 and never experienced the mischief that these kitties make, especially Sadie.

I have not been able to scrape so much as $50 together to buy an electric carpet sweeper. Something always comes up. Now I am really not complaining. I have two working arms and one of those manual squeegee looking things from the as seen on tv commercial that I found at Bed Bath and Beyond about 2 years ago. I use that to clean my carpet.

BUT...the chance at owning a nice new vaccum by entering in Mama Kat's giveaway contest is pure delight on a blog stick! :-) ( don't ask me what that means...it just sounded good to me)

So in order to get 5 more entries I am writing about it today here on my blog. Which means I am sharing the chance with you to win this cleaning machine. See how much I like all of you?

And because I WANT THIS:

Here's another cool site I found through Carrie's site. It's Rhonda's Rants. She is a HUGE Bonnie Hunt fan. There's a few of them in NYC too. I am not always one but she seems so nice and her new promos make her new talk show look pretty good.

The prize winner gets a coffee mug and sweatshirt from the Bonnie Hunt show that she just had tickets to see. Woohoo. Well it's getting mighty cold in NYC and a great mug for my morning cup of Joe and a warm sweatshirt would be mighty helpful and be fun to wear while using a cool new Hoover I might win. (please please please pick me!)

Here's Rhonda's rules:

For one entry...Leave a comment on her blog post.For two more entries...Mention the Give-away on your blog and direct them here!For three more entries... become a follower of my blog...if you already are a follower...you automatically have four entries by commenting!For four more entries... put Bonnie's Picture and link on your side bar.
My sidebar is pretty darn full...hoping her photo in the post will qualify???

So go check my sidebar Ms Rhonda! Oh pretty please pick me, my cold boobies will thank you so very much if I do win!


Jessica said...

I'm crossing my fingers--I hope you win! You don't talk much about the kitties anymore. :(

Aleta said...

Aww, I'd love to see a picture of the 3 kitties. I love cats. I once took in a kitten that I later named "Monkey" because she was scamp. She would climb and jump on anything. Before she came into my home, she slept in the Juniper Tree in my garden - get this - she slept in an empty bird nest!

Good luck with the contest! I hope you win!

Lauren said...

Jess, Thanks -- me too. Don't forget to visit them too.

Aleta, I will have something for you on the kitty front soon. :-) Thanks...I hope I win too!!!!

Chat Blanc said...

I hope you win, I hope you win, I hope you win!!!! That's me sending winning vibes your way!! I hope the kitties will not be skeered by the vacumonster.

btw, I keep thinking of the saying, "sucks like a hoover." hehehe. yes, I'm twelve. ;)

Lauren said...

Chatty, Your not 12...you're steeling lyrics from Avenue Q. :-p

BTW -- me too me too me too!!!

Da Old Man said...

I hope you win, too.

*snickers* @ "sucks like a Hoover."

Lauren said...

D.O.M., perhaps it should stand for dirty old man...BTW you two kiddies...don't you two know that sucking really isn't what is important...it's LICKING! SO HAHAHAHA on you two...you're doing it alllllll wrong. TEEHEE.

Ronda's Rants said...

Okay... A perfect 10! and I am not talking about the girls down there!
You have 10 entries...great job!!
Good luck with the other contest as well!

DysFUNctional Mom said...

Good luck! I wish there were a bunch of vacs so we could all win. We have 6 dogs at the moment and one verrry fluffy cat. And we're moving into a house with carpet. ACK!

Lauren said...

Rhonda, thanks!!! I saw your video too. That was neatooo!

DMom, yeah I wish that were the case but I wish more that I win. Sorry :-( Good luck in that new house that seems so perfect for all of you!!!