"The problem here is a totalitarian uniformity, a cult-like mentality such that even allies are enemies if they fail to follow the Exact Party Line. " - Phyllis Chesler

Sunday, September 14, 2008

Reforming The Views Of Others

"If there is hope for true peace in the Middle East, it won't simply come from Israeli and Palestinian leaders shaking hands at a formal ceremony. It hinges on extremist Islam reforming its view of others." --Rabbi Yechiel Eckstein (see full article)

I've been listing a lot of facts on my blog about racism and terrorism. When I listen to those who object, both in my personal life and via media coverage I realize that the objection stems from a disbelief of what I and others like myself are disseminating. So much so that we are the ones being labeled as offensive and only trying to charicature other cultures, and that somehow those of us distributing the findings that we pull directly from those cultures papers and other media outlets are trying telling tales of the few as though they are the masses and therefore it is not the perpetrator that is evil but the truthteller that is.

Ironically the same people have no trouble believing that it is our culture and country that are collectively evil, but dare you say it about Islam, to a liberal/left-leaning person here in the United States and you are now a terrible person who broad brushes an entire people to spread hate.

I cannot speak for everywhere in this country of course, BUT here in NYC, the communities I see that share these values of hate America first are the very same ones that have the nicest things available to them all the time. They have more school choice than kids in the burbs do. They have the nicest parks to visit with their kids. And while I am a big proponent of organic foods, they are expensive...and there always seems to be the specialty shops in large numbers and people always able to purchase them without a problem financially etc...

And yet they never seem happy with what they have and are ALWAYS angry with our government first and NEVER feel that places like Iran are evil or perpetrate hate.

Even more ironic is their protectionist feelings for us not to bomb Iran, a country that just convicted two men for being Infidels for converting to Christianity and believes that gays don't exist in their country yet do not seem to have any problem voting for a man that has direct personal ties to a man who bombed his own country and killed innocent civilians and says we didn't do enough.

I just don't get it. If you are for women's rights, gay rights, and freedom of religion and you are living in a country that allows such communities to thrive without any fear of retribution, how can you be so angry and believe your country so bad yet not have any problem with the countries that do partake in these horrible acts against human beings?

I know I know...because you don't believe what I have shown you and you think it is I who is racist for showing the failures of another culture. Up is down and down is up.


dani c said...

You go girl !!!!!! I love your brazen honesty...

Chat Blanc said...

All those who call us racists, I quadruple dog dare them to go and attempt to live in the countries that they don't want us to fight or bomb. Then they will truly understand the meaning and impact of extremism, racism and persecution.

Da Old Man said...

I know people fron Iran. They came here to live, and are doing their best to get their families here. Why? Because they are happy and feel safe here. In fact, one I know very well, will not admit to being Iranian--he is Persian.
He has no plans to ever return, and yes, he would be executed if he were to return.

Lauren said...


Chat, let's save up and buy them all a ticket. HAHA!

D.O.M., I've heard similar stories from people I knew who knew Persians first-hand too and I knew Persian Jews many years ago, they fled for religious freedom and freedom from persecution for basic human rights. At one point, Iran was a friend to Israel, it was only after the ISLAMIC take over, surprise surprise, that we became the enemy and people there started to fear. It's always ISLAM! Ooops I guess speaking the truth is going to get me labeled as racist.

Thank you for sharing your personal story. The more people do that the more chance we have at a safer society here.

leezee52 said...

We watched "One night with the king" last night it was good. I even learned a few things like Queen Esther's real name was Hadassah and that Queen Vashti was a feminist role model. Maybe little girls will want to be Queen Vashti for Purim...she rocked!