"The problem here is a totalitarian uniformity, a cult-like mentality such that even allies are enemies if they fail to follow the Exact Party Line. " - Phyllis Chesler

Thursday, September 4, 2008

My Experience At The Nail Salon Last Friday

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Last Friday I decided to take advantage of a day off and get my nails manicured and pedicured for my brother's then upcoming wedding taking place on the weekend. It was on this day that John McCain decided to announce his VP pick of Sarah Palin.

I had heard speculation that morning and decided to blog my feelings before the announcement so that it would be clear where my opinions were before information on her broke.

As I am sitting in the chair getting my pedicure the news cuts in with breaking news confirming that Ms. Palin has been officially chosen by McCain for his running mate.

I have gone to this salon for at least 13 years and so I felt comfortable talking with the woman who does my nails and owns the salon. In some settings I just would be quiet. Sitting next to me is a woman in her late 40's or maybe early 50's. As I am talking with Mimi, my manicurist, saying things directly related to Palin and much to the sentiment I mentioned in my post that day, I hear GROAN, MMMM, UH with a large let out of air from the woman next to me.

I didn't say a word about my support for McCain YET. Just that I didn't care if he chose a woman or not, I wanted to know more about her.

But I surely heard the groans. Now mind you, I never included this woman in my conversation and clearly I was having a conversation with Mimi and no one else although to be fair I was in a public salon and people could hear us/me.

Then I said, "Well I will be voting for McCain no matter what" and I was rudely intrurrupted by this woman next to me. "How could you vote for him?! You're voting for McCain! WHY?"

Stupid me, I thought she wanted an answer. She didn't. Because as I spoke my words again I was rudely and arrogantly inturrupted. What I started to say was : "Obama is a racist and I can't vote for someone like that."

So what did she say to me?

She said and I quote, "SO WHAT, AMERICA IS RACIST!"


Where's the logic in this statement?
OK warning, a snarky comment is coming from me on this post now.

Logic from a liberal, what was I thinking?????

OK look before you make your angry comments about my snarkiness, let's get back to the issue at hand. I mention my reason for not being able to vote for Obama, which is a very good, noble and valid reason...racism is BAD. No?

So here's the typical way an Obama supporter gets the direction of a "conversation" going. Ready? Ask a question but not really meaning to want an answer. Hear a few words and harp on a detail of the answer rather than the point, hence this sentence harp on the word racist, rather than the actual meaning of my sentence. Take that word and choose another issue regarding that word, this case racist and apply it something unrelated to try to get me to defend something else and get off topic. "America is racist"

Are you exhausted yet? YES -- that is their point. Get you exhausted and to get you so tangled in another web of a conversation that you forget what the topic really was.

So now we aren't talking about Palin or why I can't vote for Obama which was the original question, we are on her topic now which is her hate for America.

Now before I forget, let me tell you this woman has a strong accent. So I assume she is a naturalized citizen. But as I start to address this she then goes after me and starts her inquiry into my background rather than addressing hers.

In a very raised voice she says to me:
Angry Liberal: "Where are your parents from!"
Me; "Here.'
Angry Liberal:"No one is originally from here. Where are your grandparents from?"
Angry Liberal: "Where are their parents from?"

And so I say where are YOU from, obviously not here. Why did you come here if you don't like it and think it is racist?

Then I learn that she isn't a citizen. She won't mention her country of course, she is European. As if that is a country. DUH BIATCH!

Then I put my hand up to her and said, you're not from here you don't get a say and I am done.

Well the gloves came off now. This is what I had to hear next:

Even louder voice to me:
"You just want to have a conversation by yourself? No one else is allowed to talk?"
"YOU probably don't even know where Europe is!"
"Where'd you go to school? You're probably just uneducated."
"You're white trash!"

Now remember all I said was you're not from here so you don't get a say and I am done.

I didn't call anyone names. I didn't attack her for her education and I certainly didn't attack her country with name calling like she did.

But now I am done. This woman called my country racist and she isn't from here. It's bad-enough when this is from your own people, but an outsider, here enjoying the comforts and pleasures of my country as a guest and you come and basically spit on us. NOPE. I'm done being nice.

So I told her that she was Eurotrash who should know more about being a racist than anyone here seeing that they let Hitler march in and kill millions of Jews and millions of gays and Gypsys and Stalin come rolling in to Europe next throwing another batch of innocent people in Gulags. But yes yes America is racist. Then yes I really went off on her.

You see I am completely intolerant of intolerance. You'll see no nice me at this point.

Then I told her in basically this way: How dare you come visit here and shit upon me and my country. You can just shut the fuck up now because I don't give a rats ass what you have to say anymore. You're visiting here on vacation enjoying the amazing things we have to offer. If you feel we are racist then do us all a favor and stay the fuck home. You accused me of not letting you speak when you cut me off when I tried to answer your question. You don't even know who I am or who you are calling white trash. You are just so ignorant!

I said not one word more.

As she left she wished me luck and I said "you too" and that was the end of anything to do with her.

BTW my nails looked fantastic and my toes did too.


HappyHourSue said...

Preach it sista! Just popped over here from Why Isn't There Mouse Flavored Catfood cuz she was the SITS blog of the day.

Anyway: I feel like you and I are the only damn McCain/Palin supporters in the blogosphere: because friggin' Obama supporters are so vocal and presumptive and intolerant. UGH. She kicked ASS last night.

Great post. :)

Lauren said...

Happyhoursue, checked you out. FUNNY woman! Lee is super! Glad you found me through her.

We're not the only one's trust me sista! But yes many are intolerant which is why comment moderation is on. In fact today I got a nasty one which won't post. Instead of seeing how nasty the woman was to me and continued to be to me and to the USA as well and THEN and only then I hit back, I was told how nasty I am and I am the reason for...well you fill in the blank. Some people will never ever get it and they breed way too much. HAHA!

The Offended Blogger said...

Whoo hoo! Popped over from Sue's blog and I am sooo glad I did.

I love to hear people tell these brain damaged liberals off, preferably in person but reading about it warms my heart, too!

I have pretty much dedicated my life to offending them and pointing out their hypocrisy on my humor blog and I can't tell you how great it is to know that an intelligent, sane and rational person like yourself *cough cough* offended one of them and it really made me smile to read how fabulously you handled it. :D

Lauren said...

Hi Offended Blogger, Hmmm have to go check you out now. Not sure with the *cough cough* if you're toying with me or not :-)

Let me just say this however, I will raise my voice and get really nasty BACK. I much prefer an honest conversation. It wasn't going to happen with this particular person and I was tired of the nasty remarks. I pummeled her.

The Offended Blogger said...

Not toying with you, at all, and fair warning my blog is not for the easily offended. ;)

Sorry, I always say *cough cough* before I say offended because, well, that's my monkier and all.

Oh, and if you ask them, they don't get offended, only the rest of us do. :)

Babs (Beetle) said...

Ha ha! I know nothing of American politics but that was great! You can't say that your trip to the beauty parlour was boring ;O)

I like how, after the deluge of insults, you exchange a parting "Good luck"

I'm glad your nails looked good.

leezee52 said...

Powerful post! About Mc Cain it's very hard to vote republican since I never have but I am going to check out his new VP she looks smart and intelligent maybe she's just like Hillary...we'll see. If my Mom was alive she would give me a look...lol

Love ya,
Lee :)

Lauren said...

Babs, HA! You make me laugh so much!

Lee, Palin is nothing like Hillary except that she is strong and knows who she is. Her views are very very different in so many way. Personally I don't agree with her religious views but I don't see them as a threat to me. My own mother cannot fully understand "how I have become so conservative." So here's what I ask of you: watch the video below this post today and the ones coming this week as well. Then see how you might vote Republican this time around. BTW I am a registered Democrat.

Da Old Man said...

Love the way you handled your encounter. Personally, I would not have been quite so gracious as she left.
I don't remember ever seeing visitors/immigrants act like they do today.
If they hate America, why come here, indeed?

Lauren said...

D.O.M., Thanks.

My little blog stalker, there are plenty of people who understand my POV. Maybe you should calm down and think about other's feelings and why! NEENERNEENERNEENER!

Lauren said...

Offended, thanks for the clarification :-) I visited you today and left some comments. Have to get my funny bone together for your blog ;-)

dani c said...

Gotta love it. I'm glad that you told her off. Hell with her and all of B.S. You go girl!!!

Lauren said...

Dani, I love you! And I love your blog! :-D You slay me. Thanks for the support.

Aleta said...

THIS was a GREAT post! People who have no business to put their nose and their 2 cents into how we run our country ~ they love to mouth off and hope that if they do it loud enough that Americans will back down and shut up. I'm glad you spoke your mind!

Some friends that I write to in Europe are of the opinion that Obama would be a better President, because McCain is a Cookie Cutter, same old, same old option. They should try living here before shaking things up.

Aleta said...

I wanted to add.. one of my friends said that Palin will be questioned if she can run the country when she has a child that has special needs - will she have the time, etc.

I replied, "Ask any woman who has children and she will tell you -- if I can raise a family, I can run a country!"

Chat Blanc said...

That lady is a huge ASSHAT!! Unbelievable! She needs to get her Euro-liberal-loving brain dead perspective outta the US.

Glad you gave here the why and what for!! woohoo! :)

oh, and I lurves the snarky!

Lauren said...

Aleta, I will never understand why people who aren't American's give a rats ass about who we pick. I don't care who they choose as long as they aren't declaring racist hatefilled remarks about or against us. SERIOUSLY. Sure they'd love Obama because he hates us along with them. UGH!

Ms. Chatty, THanks for the whhoohhoo. Beats the heck out of my cyber stalker who leaves me really nasty remarks about me that I won't post. HAHA!

swile67 said...

WOW...what a trip to the salon, where it is supposed to be relaxing...quite a bold European. I bet the salon workers had a interesting conversation at their dinner table that night!! Glad you stuck up for your country. I had a German neighbour when I lived in western Canada that continually complained about Canada and all the things wrong with it...I didn't have the courage to say if you aren't happy then move back to Germany...I think I would now as I am older and wiser. THey should be grateful for the freedom they are experiencing in their new country...gotta run..thanks for the b-day wishes!

Lauren said...

Karyne, Thanks for taking the time to pop in. Know that things are super busy for you right now. Your job sounds like so much fun!

Yeah it's supposed to be a place to relax but sometimes you just have to open your mouth. Truth is, this stuff didn't just start happening and my reaction to it isn't just from today. It's 20 years or more of build-up of this insanity. It's good to know you have shared similar experiences and understand. We have to find the things that tie us not divide us. We MUST combat this backward way of treating each other and the irony of this is that it will take some battles.