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Wednesday, September 24, 2008

My Bus Ride To The Train

Time for a fun one...well for you anyway!

The video posted today aren't the two kids I am writing about but might as well be.

I found a great new route to this job I have been sent to, which incidentally happens to be exactly where all the media hoopla took place for 9/11 commemorations.

I digress...get back on the bus!

I am on this lovely bus that stops right outside my building. I get a seat. YUMMY! And then the teenagers going to Christ the King get on the bus. And the fun, er, achem crapola begins.

Teenage boy gets on and stands right next to where I am sitting wearing a huge packpack. A few stops later, what I believe is his girlfriend, gets on and SMACK they give a big kiss.

Then spoiled teenage girl whips out her Sidekick, a phone I a working person cannot afford and starts to play and they start to talk.

"Did you see that white girl...?"

Does the rest of the sentence really matter? When I was their age NO ONE would tolerate this type of talking. Today, it's seem to be acceptable x 10.

Then she shows her teenage boyfriend her belly and how much she rolled up the top of her skirt. I kid you not, I could just about see her vagina it was so short. What are these girls thinking?

We did similar things with our skirts as kids, don't get me wrong. Girls, especially Catholic school girls have been hiking their skirts since forever, but THIS was the epitomy of skirt hiking.

Teenage boy starts to turn in to see her better and smacks me with his bag. I let this happen a couple of times. Then I used my hand to move it off of me.

He didn't like that, and the passive aggressive exchanges between the teenage monsters and me began. I could hear them laughing and making suggestions to smack me back.

These pleebs could be my kids. I am not afraid of them!

When it came time to get off the bus, they were in my way. They stared at me and I stared at them and waited. I figured they were getting off let them go. Nothing!

So I said to them,"You wanted all the room on the bus so go, go ahead."

Those twits became deer in headlights. Shocked that an adult actual spoke to them at all. HA!
You two are no match for me. I have ridden the E train for most of my 17 years in NYC!

Well they said they weren't getting off the bus, so I departed. But the scared look on their faces was the reward for my courage to speak up to them.

Take that little teenage tweebs! Score ONE for Lauren!


Jessica said...

omg-horrible kids. I guess I'm lucky...my bus, and train rides or normally peaceful.

Chat Blanc said...

You GO GIRL!!! Woohoo! Damn kids these days! (omg, I must be getting old! hahaha)

Lauren said...

Jess, they are vile!

Chatty, We ARE old. Getting? HAHAHA

Da Old Man said...

Kids are so incredily disrespectful. Just watch TV, either the shows or ads. Kids rule the roost, according to everything they see.

LadyBanana said...

It can be very intimidating having a crowd of kids around on the bus.. I had food thrown at me some time ago and I was too scared to do anything..