"The problem here is a totalitarian uniformity, a cult-like mentality such that even allies are enemies if they fail to follow the Exact Party Line. " - Phyllis Chesler

Thursday, September 18, 2008

Softball is usually all the tech guys,Bowling is all the girls and the gays.

And just when I thought I found a new fun idea on where a nice single gal like me could go to enjoy herself and possible meet a guy...

And a shout out proposal to Aleta...I'll run another personal ad if YOU market me and set up the dates. Game?

What IS a girl like me to do?

I love the theater.
I love to sing.
I love screaming at a ballgame.
I love pizza.
I love ice cream.
I love a good cup of coffee.
I love to blog.
I love my kitties.
I love good analytical thought...but also down time and non-thought time.
I love to belly laugh.
I love sushi.

Well you get the point...HELP!


Aleta said...

Well, I've never been big on bowling. Hmm, I know most people roll their eyes, but what about online dating? I saw that look! I met Greg at an online dating site. We emailed three times and figured it was foolish to keep emailing, but to set a date and see how it goes. The rest is history.

Lauren said...

Aleta, HA! At the risk of sounding snarky...have you purused my older posts. HAHA! Go take a good look. Here in NYC it's not the best thing to online date. The men treat it like an online sex catalog. UGH. Nice to know you had success though. I'll wait for your reply to see your thoughts on my online disaser stories.

swile67 said...

i'm out of ideas 'cause like you i try different things and wind up in activities with women or seniors! i think i need to take up a sport but am not athletic...have you tried a sport other than bowling? although broadway bowling sounds amazing to me! I love broadway!

swile67 said...

PS Forgot to mention we are now in election mode here in Canada. Our Prime Minister called for an election in October. He and his party ( Conservative) are a minority government so I am assuming he called the election in hopes of winning a majority vote so he can pass more bills, etc. I should blog about it I guess!

Lauren said...

Karyne, YOU have a new avitar. COOL! Yeah you and I are like bi-country sistas. And to all you crazies out there, no that is not some goofy homosexual reference...she's CANADIAN! Maybe together we can figure something good out.

AND...yes yes yes please write about your elections. :-)

Chat Blanc said...

damn girl, you know I wish I had the answer for ya. . . but I'm all for the bowling! hehe! :)