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Monday, September 8, 2008

Group Dangles $50K for Jews Who Move to Ala. Town

Is this such a good idea for a religion of people who are ALWAYS stereotyped as money-grubbing, or money lending etc...?



Da Old Man said...

From what I read, the money is coming from private sources to keep the community alive. It's pretty crteative. I would hope people today see past any stereotypes.

leezee52 said...

That's interesting. Well my Dads family was from Louisville, KY and they loved it there and I went back there a few years ago and it's just a lovely city. As for the money I would do it. I feel it's just like going to Israel they need young families there.

Your grey haired friend...lol

Lauren said...

D.O.M. Yeah one would hope but look at the current climate. Double Oy!

Lee, If you go I'll consider it. HA! --Your gray haired friend too!!!

Chat Blanc said...

I can't put my finger on why this strikes me as a little "off".