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Monday, September 29, 2008

Debate 101...Guest Post...Round 3

In Sandy's words...

Round 3: How Will the Financial Rescue Plan Affect Your Plans as President

It was Obama’s turn to start the discussion. He opened by stating that the recovery plan will likely delay some things but that it’s hard to anticipate what the budget will be next year. His response was intentionally vague and noncommittal. Instead he turned the focus to what he thinks should still happen:
Energy independence
Fix the healthcare system
Become more competitive world-wide in education
Rebuild the country’s infrastructures

These general statements may sound very good at first blush but implementation undoubtedly would require massive spending. Is that realistic given the condition of the economy? Obama stated that he believes McCain is using a hatchet where a scalpel is needed. My thought—don’t you NEED a hatchet in a jungle? And honestly, our budget seems overgrown and out of control. Plus, most of us know from personal experience it’s easier to spend than to save.

McCain was very clear that we need to cut spending. He indicated that he will examine every government agency for savings. And, it’s about time. As head dude, the President should be our government’s CEO and manage as such. He also said he wishes to eliminate ethanol subsidies and get defense spending under control by using fixed cost contracts.

McCain stated that he is not willing to hand healthcare over to the government. I think most Americans would be well served to hear more about healthcare plans in detail from McCain and Obama for comparison's sake. And to scrutinize those plans for the long-term impact they may have on families, the quality of healthcare, and government spending.

Frankly, I thought this question and corresponding discussion was pretty much a dud. It fell flat and disintegrated quickly. Next!

(written in Iowa)


Da Old Man said...

Obamareminds me of the phone company ad (is it verizon?) where all the fireman vote "Ok, who is in favor of clean water?" etc.
And the whole process takes a minutes to solve all our problems.

No real solution, just agree it needs to be done.

His answers are as silly and vapid as the commercial.

Lauren said...

D.O.M., I thought the same thing watching that commercial...scary.

Chat Blanc said...

Sandy here!

@DOM & lauren--great comparison!

dani c said...

I haven't seen it..but now I'm dying to.