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Saturday, September 6, 2008

Trojan Vibrating Touch?

Has anyone else seen one of these commercials? OMG. They actually have the actress say, "OMG it's so cute" and then giggle with her girlfriend. THEN an old lady tells them where she got hers.

Can anyone else say ick!?

Seriously are we that loose a society that it is now ok to advertise (no matter how late the hour) masterbation accessories. What's next? Commercials for blow up dolls for men? Big sucking lips for electronic blowjobs for the guys?

Hey Trojan employees: there's nothing CUTE about this item or what it does and it oddly looks like a kitty toothbrush. So much for market research.

Sadly however, this item or similar is a necessity as SOME men have no clue as I have written about recently. I do have a cure for the guys who are intimidated by the battery thing...USE YOUR EARS!

Here's how a more realistic commercial SHOULD go:
girlfriend one: My boyfriend is a lazy lay.
girlfriend two: OMG tell me about it.
girlfriend one: I found the perfect item.
girlfriend two: Really?!
girlfriend one: After sleeping with this lazy bastard for so long I was willing to try anything!

Well you get the point!


Aleta said...

OMG! I have not seen this commerical! But what I have seen ~ while flipping through a magazine, supposedly on health - first the ads for make-up, then work out videos, then vibrator, then hairdryer - YES - an ad for vibrators right there in the mix!

Maybe we're trying to catch up to the European cultures? My cousin went to Europe this summer and reported that Americans are prudish in our behavior, based on what she saw. I replied that it depends upon where you go ~ if Europeans walked down Burbon Street during Mardi Gras ~ they wouldn't think we were prudes (that said, I wouldn't be one of those women doing those things...)

Da Old Man said...

I take it you have never seen the infommercial for Extenz. It's a panel of women porn stars, hosted by Ron Jeremy.
They spend a half hour explaining how the product makes men "bigger."

It's 30 minutes of hysterical innuendo as they try to sanitize everything and make it socially acceptable, because nothing says class and good taste like a panel of porn stars.
Hmm. May be a future blog post for me.

Mike Smith said...

How about an advert for Viagra...

'Can you get it over the counter?'

'Yeah, if you take the whole packet at once...'

Love your blog!

Lauren said...

Aleta, Isn't it funny that no matter the topic with eurpeans they are always comparing themselves to us and we always come out "wrong". RRRRR

D.O.M., AH NOOO! But I bet my Ex I just wrote about has seen it! HAHAHA!

Mike, you're so silly. I'd like to see THAT commercial actually. TeeHee. OH thanks!

Babs (Beetle) said...

I sometimes cannot believe what is 'acceptable' on television now! I must admit to this being at the top of the list of surprising!

Frizzy and Bird said...

Bwahahahahaha! I am with you sister. "Reality" TV is getting to be TOO MUCH!

Lauren said...

Babs, I'm with you.

Frizzy, YEP it's just too much. And a prude I ain't!

Chat Blanc said...

Your commercial is WAY better! :) I haven't seen the "massager" commercial yet. yeah massager, riiiiight. I can't stand trojan's condom commercials either.

Jessica said...

lol-I've never seen the ad! I agree with Chat..yours is way better. :)

Lauren said...

Chatty, it's icky. BLECH.

Jess, let's produce our own funny commercial for them.

LadyBanana said...

Wow, this is so not necessary to be advertising like this.. was it actually on TV?