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Friday, September 12, 2008

This Is Liberal Insanity At Its Best

YOU have GOT to be kidding me! This man is a MORON! Are there no more intelligent analytical people anymore???

Pardon the pun BUT what in G-d's NAME does winning a lottery have to do with addiction?

NADA YOU DUMB SHMUCK! Playing a game and gambling is NOT addiction. Addiction is a behavior, a pattern. Eating can be an addiction, will you refuse food for your congregation should it be donated.

This pastor is an A-Class MORON and then some.

I think he just has a vested interest in keeping those people who come to him down so that he can be in control. He should have his ass kicked to the curb.

BTW to the anonymous donor I will happily take the money he wouldn't. I am a struggling single gal with a lot of bills to pay. I promise to put it to good use, not abuse the donation and invest it wisely so that I have financial security for years to come.

NY charity turns down share of $3M lottery jackpot Fri Sep 12, 4:18 PM ET

A New York charity says it has turned down a share of a $3 million lottery jackpot because accepting the money could send the wrong message to gambling addicts.

The Lighthouse Mission, which helps feed 3,000 hungry Long Island residents a week, had been chosen to share an anonymous donor's jackpot last month. The donor gave the winning ticket to the True North Community Church, which said it would share the money with other charities.

The mission's pastor, James Ryan, says he appreciates the offer but had to turn it down because his organization counsels against addictions, including gambling. He did not say what the mission's share of the prize would have been.


Aleta said...

Oh Good Grief! How many Christians and good people play the lottery or gamble from time to time that does NOT equate to an addiction! My parents have been to Vegas a couple of times in their life and bring quarters (you know the change you have around the house - they save it for Vegas trips, lol). That does NOT make them gamblers and that someone WOULD DONATE it to a church? Methinks doesn't make them an addict. An addict would turn around and put the money back into the addiction. Ugh... People!

Da Old Man said...

This is a tough call.

Not that buying a lottery ticket or 2 is a problem, but gambling addicts buy more than that.

I can understand the pastor's reasoning. Spend some time in a lottery seller location, and you will see people who really probably shouldn't be doing so, dropping $50 to $100 bucks or more on tickets at a time.

Lauren said...

Aleta, was thinking about you today. Glad you popped in so I know you are ok! I'm with you.

D.O.M., Well well we found a topic we don't really agree on. SHOCKER! HA! Yes there are people addicted to gambling, but that's not what happened here. Or let's be honest...he doesn't know this is the case since he doesn't know the person who donated the winnings. He's making a judgement.

These people on LI are HUNGRY. He was given money to feed them. FEED THEM WITH IT. Teach them addiction to anything is not good. Hey maybe he'll buy you a pb& Tomato! HAHAHA :-) LOL

Chat Blanc said...

Ugh! The only way to combat gambling addiction is to continue funding education and treatment, that gambling money could help so many people!

It wouldn't be the first time money derived from gambling has been used to help those addicted. I worked for a faith-based outpatient mental health counseling center for a few years and we provided treatment to compulsive gamblers. A majority of the funding for training, education and treatment of problem gambling in WI comes from the CASINOS!!! Even our counseling center and clients benefited from that. Why turn that money away? It's just sad.

Lauren said...

Chatty, I'm with ya! I even understand D.O.M., but I just don't agree.