"The problem here is a totalitarian uniformity, a cult-like mentality such that even allies are enemies if they fail to follow the Exact Party Line. " - Phyllis Chesler

Friday, September 26, 2008

Right And Wrong

While there is nothing wrong with groups purchasing advertisements to tell others about their faith, the collection of radicals involved in this campaign is cause for concern

THIS is what you say when opposed by left-leaning intellectual wingbats that tell you that opposing advertisements and speeches from objectionable groups makes YOU the racist.


Diane said...

Just out of curiosity, did you look at the whyislam.org site? Or do you know anything about Islamic history?

Lauren said...

Diane, Have you READ my blog?

Diane said...

I read some of it, yes... as much as I had time for today.

Chat Blanc said...

Diane--Are you serious?? Have you looked at the Why Islam site, know anything about Islamic history, or digest anything other than a few news headlines on the topic?

Lauren knows where of she speaks. She is incredibly well read and stays abreast of the latest news. And by news, I even mean the facts and information that DON'T receive the attention they deserve.

Those things plus Lauren's own personal experiences make her a very credible source.

Let's not be naive here. Of course the Why Islam site is going to present a very positive perspective. But what Lauren is asking us to do is look below the surface. Which is certainly wise for us to do.

Da Old Man said...

Muslim radicals have caused thousands of attacks in the last few years alone, and have killed untoldn thousands simply because they are "infidels."
And an infidel is anyone who doesn't believe as the radical. And before pointing out the radical fringe is a tiny %age, it's a tiny %age of a huge number, and that makes a huge number of those evil bastards.

Lauren said...

Diane, well then you know the answer.

Chatty, Ditto!

D.O.M., great points! And don't forget that they don't have trials..they just kill those that oppose their views including other muslims, so really it's not such a small %.

Diane said...

Chat Blanc... thanks for your input. I'm not sure what I was supposed to be kidding about, though, as all I did was ask a question. I didn't state a point of view at all, let alone one contrary to Lauren's. I asked the question because 1) I haven't had time to delve into Lauren's blog and, 2) so many people spout opinions without having any facts. I simply wanted to know if Lauren had studied this topic.

It's possible you might have made some incorrect assumptions about me, including that I am naive. So, for your information, I am also extremely well-read. I read more than just headlines and believe in finding the truth, whether it suits my viewpoint or not. I have also traveled around the world more than once, and lived in 2 countries and 3 major cities, all of which has exposed me, firsthand, to some amazing cultures, religions, ideologies, and people. I am well-educated, both formally and in the school of life.

I admit I have not studied Islamic/Muslim history in any great detail. My knowledge of it comes from the limited research I've done and discussions with people who HAVE studied it at a formal level. As I said, I am always interested in the truth, so I will continue to seek it.

Again, thanks for your input and I hope that before you jump to a conclulsion about a person (or an issue), YOU seek more information.

Lauren, thanks for your response as well. Your blog is interesting and though I might not agree with all your views, I respect the passion with which you express them. I hope you continue to seek the truth as well, even if it doesn't mirror your view.

Take care.