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Sunday, February 10, 2008

What Are The Five Words That Spring Men Into Action For Women

At the seminar I went to this past week the presenter mentioned that there are five words that if used by women will spring men into action. And it was no surprise that she wouldn't give us those five words. For about $500 I could take her two day seminar in March where she will give that information to the participants.

So I am asking ALL the men who stop by my blog to please be honest and leave what you know to be these words or phrases that make you decide to care about a woman. I am not talking about sexual attraction I am talking about caring about us, wanting to be in a relationship with us.

Think: you are dating a woman and are having fun. What is it that makes you want to take it to the next level?

What do you need to hear?


Barbara said...

COME ON GUYS! Help us out here. I'm very curious.

Elliott said...

I'm glad you didn't waste your money.

Disclaimer: It's been a couple years since I've been in the dating world. I'm unconventional and so is my partner. Nevertheless, what I'm about to say may still apply.

There are no 5 magic words that spring men into action. A lot of men just want, uh, action. There's plenty of that to be had *if* that was what you're looking for.

Finding the quality man I know you're seeking isn't about 5 magic words, any formula, or rules.

Lauren said...

OK Elliot I am totally perlexed by your comment here BECAUSE it seems to be the opposite of what you say to me on my Drowsey's Experiment Post.

Here you admit that me, that men want action and there's plenty of that to be had if that is what you are looking for.

On the other post you accuse me of sending that message from my dating profile screename.

By the way, ONE CLICK in and you can read ACTUALLY READ, what a concept, about me where it shows I clearly am looking for something deeper than a sexual relationship.

However, I do appreciate you sharing your thoughts and I hope you will come back again and again.

A little debate can only teach me!