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Saturday, February 16, 2008

A Little Public Humiliation Never Hurt Anyone

Today I went on a lunch date with a guy I met from Jdate a few weeks ago. I told him before we met I wanted to meet as friends and let it be that and if something moved to another step later great and if not so be it we made another good friend.

We met at John's Pizza in Times Square. They have amazing pizza that you cannot order by the slice. This time was my treat. We met for about 1.5 hours and then I went on my way and he went to a party for a few hours he was invited to.

It was light and easy and fun and no stress and I liked it. I like being friends with this guy.

He works for a major NYC newspaper and had some fun inside gossip. I am not going to share it at the moment. Google would lead him to this blog and for now I want this to remain mine with my readers and not have a guy I am dating find it.

BUT he did tell me about a new site called crazyblinddate.com I decided to check it out tonight. It is free and you can use it if you live in Austin, Boston, Chicago, DC, NYC, LA or San Fran Bay.

The concept is simple. Fill in a bit about yourself as in, you are looking for sex, relationship, same race etc...After a few hops skips and jumps they text you and then email you confirmation that you are you.

You then choose a day you want to get set up for a 20 minute date. You do not get to see the photo of the person. You can see a scrambled version of the photo but that is all. They ask that if you sign up and agree to the match you show up. If you hate the person you need to agree to stay for 20 minutes and then leave. Obviously if all goes well it is up to you from there.

So here's the public humiliation. I pushed Barbara to do this with me. I figure if I tell all of you, then the pressure is on to follow-through along with me. As the title of this post says,"A little public humilition never hurt anyone."

The way I see it is that it is a numbers game. To get to the right guy for us, we have to be willing to just get out there and go through the garbage if need be. Will we face a lot of rejection? PROBABLY. But it's good practice to get our skills up so that when "Mr. Right For Us" does come along we are polished and ready for him.

So far, unless I am willing to agree to meet someone with less education than myself AND is older than 45 they don't have a match for me on the date I chose to get set up. But I will keep trying.

In the meantime I will be dragged around Manhattan tomorrow to find a bridesmaid's dress for my brother's wedding in August. Let's hope I do not have to look like a purple jelly bean!


Barbara said...

So did you get your jelly bean outfit?

I don't have high hopes for the site we signed up for, for myself. But I think you will find a few dates. For me the distance thing is a factor and the age thing.

:) i am NOT putting myself down, these are the facts

Lauren said...

A man who is willing to go to the same area of town you chose for one of these 20 minute dates doesn't see a problem with distance. There is no problem unless you make it a problem.

Nope, you aren't putting YOURSELF down you are just putting the process down. You live in the burbs as you said in another comment. So you have no choice but to got slightly outside of where you live to meet someone else. Travelling an hour give or take to meet someone who MIGHT have potential doesn't seem like a big deal to me.

For me I will also have to travel an hour or so for these dates, into NYC.

Also if a guy puts down that he wants to meet women in your age range what prey tell is the problem?

B- I love ya and you know it, but I just don't see the problems you do!