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Tuesday, February 26, 2008

My Bug

To continue the theme started over at Drowsey's blog today I am sharing my bug story with you. Contrary to commentor Elliot from a few posts below I am not going to write about that "bug up my ass".

I do have a have a bug...I caught the flu. Just as I was saying to myself there is no way I will be catching that bug, as the news did a story about how it has hit every state, WHAM! And it was just like that. One day I was fine and then Sunday night I felt out of commission.

Yes, Mom and friends I am drinking lots of fluids, eating/drinking soup and since I am into non conventional medicine I am taking herbs. One is called Andrographis Complex made by Standard Process. It is an herbal anti-biotic and it tastes like licking a foot. But it really kicks the shit out of a virus and so 4 times a day I am taking 2 pills. I am also taking a whole foods calcium pill by the same company called Min Tran. According to my acupuncturist a fever is caused by calcium deficiency. So I am taking 4 of those pills 3 times a day. Those are smaller and don't taste as nasty.

I have been sweating this BUG out of me and while I don't feel well I do feel much better since starting this protocal yesterday afternoon.

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Perplexio said...

Eat your Matzo Ball soup! It got the nickname Jewish penicillin for a GOOD reason. It works and works well!