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Monday, February 18, 2008

Lauren Drops Five Years

I've always wanted to get away with being younger ;-) And now I have. I have been told my entire life I look younger than I am. Since men of my age won't touch women of my age I guess I have just decided to play their stupid game.

I changed my age on my dating profile to 31. YES, that is how old I am from now on in the dating world. And it is no surprise that I pulled it off.

I chatted with a very nice young man of 34 tonight. And he did not suspect that I am not the age I listed. We are meeting for coffee Monday afternoon in Manhattan. He's 5' 8 and the build I like, not skinny! He was funny and his photo was adorable.

I'm keeping to my plan. 1 hour or less for a first time meet. A coffee date is short and therefore is an easy way to split fast, if we hate each other and I think it is fairly easy to tell that in 10 minutes or less anyway.

I looked at the profiles of the guys who checked me out tonight and surprise surprise they were all pretty much my age, which was NOT happening before at only 5 years older. Since what they see is a photo after putting in the age range and hitting the search button, g-d I really hate to say it because I know there are a lot of male readers of my blog, but men are just stupid!

But I absolutely refuse to sit home dateless and be angry and bitchy because of a number. If I want to meet a man close in age to me this is just how I am going to have to do this from now on.


Perplexio said...

You know I honestly can't say I blame you on this one.

I'm a guy and I know how shallow we can be-- especially when single.

I've seen it a few times from single guys I know. It's this unrealistic expectation of landing a young, nubile, super-model-esque nymphomaniac. And yet somehow they expect their dream girl to be on the innocent or naive side of the spectrum as well.

It rarely ends well and heck given how unrealistic it is-- it rarely even BEGINS well for those guys.

Julie said...

I am soooo glad that I don't have to deal with the whole dating scene anymore! I don't envy your position at all.

Hey, thanks for adding me to your blogroll! I did the same....

Anonymous said...

I have to agree with perplxio ..I can't blame either...although I do take umbrage with the casting of all men in the same category.."stupid" some of us are quite intelligent we just dispaly it differently...:)))))

Lauren said...

Darrin, Thanks for your honesty. It's refreshing.

Julie, I don't envy me either. And I don't like having to lie. But it is going to be neccesary. And what kills me is that they have NO CLUE and are happy thinking they got their fantasy age.

Robert, sorry but I think I proved my point. There's always the exception,and you know I love ya!

Ann said...

I love it! What a fantastic idea, and you're right about men (sorry guys) they are just...well- slow. Although we love them anyway. And what is a girl supposed to do?

Great post~


P.S. Thank you for linking to A Nice Place In The Sun. I'm going to add this great blog to my blogroll right now as well. If I haven't already~ Have a great day~

Ann again

Drowsey Monkey said...

that's interesting. It's like a crazy scientific experiment...except it's real.

Lauren said...

Hi Ann, Thanks for stopping by. I just felt that I hd no choice at this point.Somehow at 36 I am spoiled meat. the same me listed as 31 well...stay tuned for the next post. I think you will find it eye opening.

Drowsey - yes I am a crazy science experiment only I am real...the experiment to change spoiled meat to fresh again!