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Tuesday, February 12, 2008

I Gave My Number/Card To a Beautiful Guy On The Train This Morning

I have no idea if this man will use the number but it was an exciting experience.

First, he got on the train at my subway stop that I also get on to go into the city. Second, he smelled YUMMY...oh so good. I was smitten! Third, he was my exact physical type.

I caught him looking at me many times. I tried really hard to smile while not making direct eye contact. I am a bit of a wus about that.

I seized my opportunity to move next to him, leaning on the door as another person left that spot and departed the train. He was listening to his iPod. I grabbed my business card from my coat pocket and held it until I saw him get ready to leave the train and go to work.

At Lexington Avenue, I made my move...now or never.

"Excuse me." handed the card. He said and smiled, "Thank you." I said, "Nice to meet you." And he smiled and pointed to his earpods, "Sorry about these." And I said,"No problem, you have my card." Smile!!! He said "OK" smiling and left.

I have no idea who he is, what he does or how old he is etc...he may never call. Either way I had a fun experience. I'll let you know.


Barbara said...

WOW! You are my "go for it" hero! I wish I had the _____ to do that! I always make them ASK. This is a whole new approach.

I bet ya ten bucks he'll call you :)

Perplexio said...

Atta girl! You don't know if you don't put yourself out there so props to you for doing just that! Good luck with it!

Who knows, somewhere out in the blogosphere there may be a post by a guy telling about how an attractive woman gave him her card on the subway. :-)

Lauren said...

Barbara - I hope you make $10.
Darrin - doubt it but heck let's do a blog search and see. HEEHEE!

Anonymous said...

Atta girl...I shall be watching with interest I hope something happens ..if not it was still fun...:)))))))

Barbara said...

Yes, I agree with the guys...the point is not whether or not he calls, but that you put yourself out there.


I promise to do the same if I see a hot guy around here, but seriously its been years since I saw a good looking single guy in my area. I kid you not. This is sad but true. I live in the Burbs, babe. No single man in his right mind would CHOOSE to live here.

Drowsey Monkey said...

See...I said before you're brave...and you are! LOL That was a ballsy move girl! Let us know how it turns out.

Lauren said...

Barbara, Darrin, Robert, Drowsey,
Not sure if it is ballsy. Just figured I have NOTHING to lose. I think many men want to approach us and are just as nervous of rejection. Why not take that pressure off and give our number?

So far no call. Maybe I will not ever get this call. He is really nice looking, nice dresser and might very well already have a girlfriend. He was not wearing a ring but he may be in a relationship already. It could be any number of reasons of which I refuse to take personally.

I am going to do this again for sure if there is someone I would want to have my number. Eventually I will hit the right guy or he will come find me. But doing nothing will result in nothing. :-)

Barbara- GET OUT OF THE BURBS! Go to a new location, stake out a bookstore, grocery store etc...and be armed with cards with your number and do it!

Brian said...

Wow, Lauren. That's very out of character for you, and I don't know if it's in a good way. A complete stranger with your phone number? Just because a guy is good-looking and nice-smelling doesn't mean he's not a psychopath of any level! I'd exercise caution...

Lauren said...

Brian, Actually I don't think it is out of character at all. I think that is was a great new step. I could meet a guy at a social event who is a psychopath as well. I follow my gut. If I don't feel good about a situation I don't go into it. I also don't meet guys for dates where they can know where I live etc...until I know them a bit better. And at some point you just have to trust a little or you get nothing.

Since you are not single you do not have to be involved in this kind of stuff, so you might not understand.

When you met your wife it was also a risk.

It just is what it is. I gave him my business card. I've given out many -- for business. No worries.

Not worried here either.

At the Deeper Dating, this was actually one of the things the presenter mentioned we should do more often as an exercise if for nothing else.

I know I need to learn how to approach more to get the ball rolling. This was a good first step in my opinion.

Thank you for your concern though.

Barbara said...


I think its sweet that you are concerened for Lauren's safety. Its pretty common to give out a phone number and I believe its safe. Chances are he's NOT a psychopath, but we never truly know that about anyone until a lot of time has passed.

I think its acceptable and safe for a woman to hand out her phone number - BUT NOT HER ADDRESS OF COURSE! On the other hand, after a few dates its not unusual for the guy to pick up the woman at her home or drop her off there after or even .... come in!

So with everything in life we need to be sensible and wise and follow our insticts. I get the impression Lauren is able to do all three quite well.

As for the guy being hot and smelling good - what's wrong with that? Guys hit on women based on their B and/or B all the time. Its just healthy normal attraction. Now if she turned down every guy that did NOT look like Mr. Smell Good, THAT would be a different story.

Just had to add my 2 cents :)

Tam said...

I love this attitude, you can't go through life being overly cautious, it will just pass you by.

Good for you.