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Sunday, February 10, 2008

This Nice Jewish Girl Watched Joel Olsteen This Morning

I caught the preacher Joel Olsteen on television this morning. Just a few minutes of his lecture. Just the parts I needed to hear. As soon as he ended his show with his praise Jesus stuff...well this nice Jewish gal was switching the dial. I could do without the religious aspect. Spirituality and lessons appeal to me and I personally think that the message comes through in all religions and it is just a matter of finding the leader who can show this to you.

He was telling the story of a young couple who had an apartment together but could not afford to buy a home. But they had a plan. They put money aside for their church of course (it is a religious show) and then they also decided to put 10% of what was left of their earnings each week into a fund to start saving for a home they could purchase. As they are saving, they go to a bank and ask what they would need to put down on a house in a specific neighborhood they love. They find out the number and learn it will take them about six or seven years. They continue to save and are happy they have set their goal and have a plan. Each week they go to the neighborhood they picked out and walk around and keep their dream alive and talk about what it will be like in those few years when they have the money they need for the bank to give the loan.

One day on one of these walks, they meet the builder of this neigborhood who asks them if they want to purchase the house he is currently building. They tell him they would but they are in the process of saving money for the down payment and will have to wait a few years. The builder, whom they only spoke with for five minutes asks them how much money they have. While they do have a few thousand dollars it isn't nearly enough for a down payment. The builder tells them if they will put that money down he will finance the rest.

Olsteen goes on to explain that if you have a plan, if you have goals you will be provided with the bigger miracles. He says, and I agree, that you can't just say you like or don't like things, want or don't want things. If you want g-d, the universe, spirit, whatever you want to call him/her, to provide for you, you have to do your part. In other words, if these same people talked about wanting a home but were not planning and working hard, they would not have been provided with the opportunity from the builder.

I agree.

While my goal is not to own a home at this time, I do believe that I heard this story for a reason this morning. It was comforting to hear him talk about goals and plans, that get us ready for the things we do want. This year one of my biggest goals is to understand men and meet my bashert: Part of Speech: n Definition: a person's soulmate, considered as predestined or ideal
Etymology: Yiddish 'destiny, fate'

I have signed up for a few seminars and courses and listen to all the helpful advice all of you leave me, to help me attain these goals. According to this preacher, and I agree with his message, it isn't so much the what of what you do, but the doing of what you do. You do your part honestly and you will be provided for.

I am doing my part!


Barbara said...

I know some people that thing he's the greatest and some that think he's a thief out to get old people's money.

I've never listened to him but this makes sense.

Lauren said...

Barbara, this was the first time I listened to him as well. I think we find the right message at the right moment and if we can take it for what it is and then use it for the good, so be it. He might be out for money but who the heck ain't! Earning money in an ethical way is ok with me, big or small. Abusing the privilage, stealing, embezzeling...that's another story. Who knows?

As with you I agree that what he says makes sense. :-)