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Saturday, February 16, 2008

Hightlights of Dress Shopping

For the third time in my life I am going to be a bridesmaid. Not the word I was hoping to achieve next in my life. Minus the MAID part and I'd be set. But alas, my brother is batting out of order and I am fulfilling familial obligations.

My sister-in-law seems nice enough. I am not so crazy about her friend who happens to be married to her brother however. And this woman is her bridesmatron.

The last two times I was a bridesmaid was a long time ago when good friends of mine were getting married. One of those two times I was allowed to choose anything I wanted and the second the dress was chosen for all of us and we just had to buy it in our size. And that time it turned out to be a nice dress that we could wear to work. Elegant but not a bridesmaid type of dress at all.

This time I was asked to go shopping with the bride and the matron and pick out a dress. But I learn as I arrive that we don't have to choose the same dress. And I am thinking, why oh why did I have to come with you two, who I barely know and the other I don't know at all to pick out a dress if we don't have to choose the same thing. But I went along.

The friend's attitude toward me reminded me of the following sound: think the most nasaling NEENEENEENEENEE you can imagine. No matter what I had to say to offer I got a snide look and that kind of tone. UGH! The girl is prego and I happen to know alot about what happens to a women when you are prego as it relates to my chosen profession. I purposely do not mix my work-life on this blog so you'll forgive me for not futher explaining and trust me please.

Now this is a subject that I am highly sought after for my opinions by all people in all settings and I am just not used the the 'tude I received when I tried to explain to this first time prego what was going to happen to her body and how she should try to pick out a dress to accomodate it. You would have thought I was a rude friggin' know it all. I got that look you get when someone is trying to ignore you to let you know your "opinion" isn't welcome but trying not to be 100% rude.

Here's the funny thing about me, I'd rather she were 100% rude to my face. That way I could look into her eye and tell her off! And funny enough not 2 minutes after I tried to explain all these things to her the helpers in the first store start asking her some prego questions and then explain the exact information I did.

Can you say bitch?

So they start to talk about lunch. And I say, "What would you like? Italian, Mexican, Chinese...?" And pregobitch snottily says, "I think we just want normal lunch!" Then she suggest Hale and Hearty, which is a soup place. And she can't stop telling us how she knows all about NYC because she worked here so many years. Even the effing train line I wanted to take to Macy's for our next dress outting today, I was told that I didn't know about and she knew better.

I really hate women who are like this and really any people who behave this way. I just can't stand it. I am not used to being treated in this manner and it brings out the worst in me.

I am already not crazy about being in this wedding party and I am confronted with bitch-lite.

So me being me when we finally get to Macy's to try on more dresses before we have our "normal lunch" we are trying to find other floors to look at dresses before we go to the bridal shop and "friend" says yet again something about Ann Taylor and going to Bloomingdales to try on her stuff.

If you know anything about this designer you know that she cuts her clothes for extremely skinny girls. I am curvatious and I happen to know that I don't fit well in her regular stuff. So after hearing this a few times, and feeling like she was just rudely bitchy and negating to me for the last hour I blurted out,"Just what is your obsession with Ann Taylor?" And when she tried to set me up to be the mean one in all this and tell me we could get anything tailored that she made I again blurted out rather loudly that, "I am sure I cannot get my left tit in anything she designs."

There were other little moments but I think you all understand the day I experienced with those little tid bits.

Generally, I am a really calm, sweet and fun woman to be around. Push me and I will push right back and be obnoxious in the right setting.

On the way home at 34th Street I had the opportunity to see these guys perform in the subway. They had a huge crowd and I weaseled my way through and got this for all of you.

I hope you enjoy.

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Anonymous said...

sweet young lady needs to bare her teeth now and again...:)))...weddings can be a good place to meet someone..lookou tside of the wedding itself depending on where it is..you will be surprised at what you might find in that kind of atmosphere...:))