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Sunday, April 13, 2008

What Do You Think About: Online reservations only at NYC hot spot

Online reservations only at NYC hot spot Momofuku Ko is only taking online reservations, no exceptions. Apparently it's the latest hotspot.

Before I read this article, only seeing the headline teaser I thought to myself, what a great idea? This would make things easier. However, this particular place is rather small, about 600 sq ft. Although to a true New Yorker this is about twice the size of most people's apartments. But I digress.

As I read further I realized how ingenius this idea was. It actually makes it harder to get a table and creates such a buzz and desire...after all who wants something that is easy to obtain right? Think about Xmas time and the Xbox situation.

This principle translates well into the dating world. Barbara, that smart woman, wrote about it today on her blog. Candidly she admits how in her younger "hey days" (as if they are truly gone, I think not) she played wild games with men and the more they were nice and easy the less interested she was in them. She goes on to describe people as "A" or "B" types. "B's" are those that are more insecure and usually are more focused on does he or she like me. Then she poses the thought and question that we should really be thinking "But do I really want them?"

This Chef/Owner puts that question to us subliminaly. He creates that insecurity that makes us chase him to get a table and try his pricey food. Ingenius.

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