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Saturday, April 26, 2008

Tagged By Barbara: Six Unimportant Things About Me

Rules sans Barbara:

List Six Unimportant Things About Yourself --seems simple enough
1. Link back to the person who tagged you.
2. Post these rules on your blog.
3. Share six unimportant things about yourself.
4. Tag six random people at the end of your entry.

I checked out
Karyne 's blog as well on the hint from Barbara and realized we had at least one item in common I would never have thought to write about before for this meme. Her number 5: "No Boys Allowed in the Girl's Dorm" -- well it was similar. We were allowed in each others dorm but not in the rooms after certain hours.

So I guess I will make this my first one and explain a little.

1. I had many sex-filled nights in my college boyfriend and later once fiance's dorm room at a theater school I once went to for the first two semesters of college back in 1989-90. Cameron and I screwed like bunnies. There it's out there. HA! I read online he is married now, a working actor and has a little girl and lives in Florida. Unfortunately although we were very much together and were so for about a year and a half, he was and probably still is a seriel cheater. I learned the pattern started before me and continued after. I can't imagine he has changed unless he got some serious therapy. I read about this kind of personality the other day in the local newspaper. The actor (funny another actor) who plays Charlotte's lawyer husband on Sex in the City, recently wrote a book about living with this "condition." If I can find more information I will add a link later.

The rest are probably not nearly as juicy.

2. I fall asleep with the television on unless I am in a relationship and my partner doesn't like this.

3. I will never use those stupid new supposedly environmentally friendly light bulbs. It is the biggest scam running around. Unless forced because the regular ones are no longer made they won't be in my home. They are FULL of mercury. YES FOLKS, and they have to be disposed of in a special way. If they break you have to be careful how you clean up and possibly even call in a special crew. (This was on a news television program recently.) We will be toxing our soil beyond imaginable with these stupid make us feel better about our part bullshit lightbulbs in the next few years. It's bad enough we have all the batteries from our cells etc...I personally don't feel we need to add this to the bad situation. I can't live without my cell but I can live without this type of bulb. If you disagree with me please don't write nasty comments. Each to their own.

4. I had short hair from the time I was 16 until 35. At some points it was VERY VERY short. I only let it grow to where you have seen it today because I was too cheap to pay for a hair cut. I decided I love the way it looks long and love the attention I get and started to take care of it with fun coloring as well, due to the attention I was getting. YES I AM VEIN.

5. I almost never cook. Heck I am single and have been my entire life. Did you really expect differently?

6. I must have my nails done and they must look nice at all times. It is a fetish of mine and I will go without buying food at the grocery store to do this at least once a month. UGH!

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Julie said...

Good post! Thanks for the tag! Confidence, huh? Thank you! I am going to have to ponder this one for a day or two, I think....But I will plan on doing it.

Lauren said...

Julie, YES you exude MUCHO confidence and you keep me in check!

I look forward to your answers. Maybe you will give us a juicy one too.

Shy said...

Oh no I am tagged, and I only have to think of 6 useless facts/things about me? wow this will be easy :-)

swile67 said...

Lauren..I am finally getting around to reading your blog..it's been a crazy week and weekend!! It is funny..I will check more out later..esp. I want ot read about your dating adventures! Have a great week, Karyne

Lauren said...

Shy, Looking forward to your meme post :-)

Karyn, OH BOY...adventures...I hope you still feel the same way AFTER reading about them. HA! Thanks for stopping by.

Lauren said...

OH booger -- I just realized I spelled your name wrong. Sorry KARYNE! One of my weaknesses is spelling and vocabulary. SORRY!!!

Jessica said...

Just did mine. btw- I'm so with you on the light bulb thing. I tell anyone that will listen. :)

Speedcat Hollydale said...

Great meme! I have often thought that a well written tag is one of the most interesting to read.
2,3,and 5? Yup yup yup!!

Lauren said...

Jessica, Will have to pop over to your blog tonight and read your answers.

Speedcat and Jessica, Can't even begin to tell you how great it is to get two people to back me on the lightbulb thing! It was a huge source of contention with the Ex I write often about.

Speedcat, another person who falls asleep to the television. Wow there are TWO of us. Are you single and willing to move to NYC? HA!!! Wait, how will we ever eat since neither of us cook?

swile67 said...

No prob. with the spelling of my name...I'm impressed you notice the need for a correction! I'm used to people spelling it wrong!!