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Tuesday, April 22, 2008

A Leo Update

OY VEY! This poor guy.

Thank goodness Mayors Alliance is taking care of the bill. I could never afford this but he needs these test.

Today he had a CAT scan and a spinal tap done. They do not see anything wrong with him from the CAT scan. So now it is crunch time. There are many things that are not good that can be found with the spinal tap test. I am hoping none present. They would basically mean he is too sick and must be put down. I of course don't want that. After losing Emily 14 months ago and this month losing Olivia this would be a cruel trick. However, if this is the case I will accept it as the best thing for him.

I do not know what it stands for but the Vet. mentioned looking for SAP which is fatal. He said his best guess is that they won't find it but he cannot say until the tests come in.

I found the following that I think he may suffer from: FHS, feline hyperosthesia which causes cats to run in circles and have mood changes quickly and meow loudly. This sound like Leo and they say it is stress related. I am sure I can help him with this if this is the case. And I am hoping this is the diagnosis because it doesn't affect their lifespan or other organs.

The only way to get to this diagnosis is to rule out all else. So let's rule everything out!

I will go play with him after work today and get more updates at that time -- hopefully. They tell me the test results may be in tonight or tomorrow morning sometime.


kellypea said...

Good luck with your kitty. I lost one of mine a few months ago and everytime I read about someone else having to go through it, I'm sad all over again...Take care.

Jessica said...

Keeping my fingers crossed! :)

Julie said...

I hope that they find something very easy to fix for your kitty. I'm keeping my fingers crossed, too!