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Wednesday, April 23, 2008

One Last Test

This is how Leo looked in the visitor's room last night at the hospital where he is an in-patient.
As you can clearly see he doesn't look good. I was really upset. But he had a lot of anesthesia yesterday so that they could perform a CAT scan and spinal tap.

Leo had a lot of trouble opening his eyes for me when I visited him after 6PM. His tests were run in the morning.

The Vet said that the fluid tested negative for all infectious diseases. And he thinks the CAT scan looks good, however there is one spot he wants the radiologist to look at because it MIGHT indicate a cancer, BUT it is also a spot that shows on many CAT scans which turns out to be nothing.

We still need to see one more blood test result about the hyperthyroidism which will determine if he stays for a week more, isolated because of the treatment to cure that disease or if he goes home with me tonight, pending the last brain consult this morning.

He was so tired and achy from the drugs that I took the cone off of him so he could be more comfortable. He could barely move, let alone bite where his balls USED to be, and open that wound.

Thank you to all that came and left comments and well wishes!!! It means a lot to both of us.

He is so loved by the staff and the agency that picked him up. I asked the Vet if the Mayors Alliance pays for this kind of testing for all the cats that they pick up that need it and he said sometimes but not always. He thinks that they fell in love with him which helped his situation. It's hard to tell from these photos however, he is a love bug, a kisser and hugger. Just very sweet.
Update: I received a call from Mayors Alliance. Leo's last test came back negative. He is cleared to go home tonight. They have ruled out cancer in his brain. We are waiting on the last thyroid test. If it shows hyperthyroidism he will be brought back for the idonine cure paid for by Mayors Alliance as well.

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Barbara(aka Layla) said...

GREAT NEWS! I am so glad to hear this. I am in love with Leo too, he's just adorbable and you can SEE his personality in that sweet face.

(You know how I said I have an orange/white male - mine looks nothing like Leo at all, he's bright orange and white and splotchy. I think Leo is way cuter, but don't tell Brewster I said that. Just needed to clarify that for some reason!!