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Friday, April 25, 2008

Leo's Odd Meow - For Your Viewing And Listening Pleasure

As promised here is video of Leo's odd meow. And for an extra treat you get to see my ugly toes and hear me say "No" which I think I will be saying a lot around here until he gets a little older.


Barbara(aka Layla) said...

He's so cute! He seems happy (as indicated by his tail movements). I also noticed how LONG his tail is which means he's a "mouser" so if you have any mice, you won't for long :)

I tagged you!

Lauren said...

Barbara, Actually, the tail movements are more likely due to his neurological condition. Although the Vet where he was tested doesn't think so, I believe he has FHS (think that is the name)They didn't see some things I do with his behavior. Heavy tail swapping is a biggie for that condition.

He is very different than any other cat I have had since age 12, that's for sure! But he is cute and we will get used to each other.

I didn't know that about long tails. Emily had a long tail too. Olivia had a teenie itty bitty tail. Thank goodness there aren't mice here. Maybe he will eat the bugs though. :-)

Will go check out your tag now.