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Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Update On Olivia

Thank you for all your thoughts, prayers and well wishes. Things are not looking very good for Olivia. (her photo is on the side of the blog)

I have been giving her SubQ fluids and antibiotics and meds for the kidney failure but she is not eating on her own after a few days of doing this. I haven't seen her use her litter box for a couple of days. She is lethargic but moves and is aware of everything. So making the choice to put her to sleep is hard for me.

I have scheduled the pet sitter who is also a vet tech. to come and do an exam tonight to see what she thinks is best. If Olivia's bladder is full and will just urinate in time there might be time to see if the rest can kick in and start working better. I am going to up her fluids tonight as well.

Chances are I will be putting her to sleep this Friday or Monday. It's a very hard choice, when she is still aware of everything. I have mixed feelings about euthenasia. I am not against it but I personally have a problem being a human choosing the day and time of death of another living creature regardless of the reason.

I made a promise to her after her sister was put down that I would do better by her, be stronger and be there in the room when it was her turn. I will keep my promise. It's all a matter of choosing the right moment. Each of us has a soul, and each soul needs to be emotionally ready to pass, not just physically.

Thank you again for your thoughts and prayers.


Barbara - Layla said...


Its a heart wrenching decision for the pet owner, but we do it for them...I am here if you need to talk.

Lauren said...

Barbara, Thank you for being there for me. Thank you for the emails today to help take my mind off this sadness.