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Tuesday, April 29, 2008

U.N. Sucks

Since I am not doing much dating lately I have decided to write about ongoings in NYC. Today's topic is a serious one. On other days I will keep it light.

Since the United Nations is located here in NYC I have decided to write a little about this organization today.

Did you know that:

During a quarterly meeting three weeks ago, the Human Rights Council passed the resolution ordering its envoys, to investigate countries that intended to repress freedom of expression.

The World Association of Newspapers called the council's action "intolerable" and "part of a dangerous, backward campaign."

Why has the World Association of Newspapers done so? At the meeting just ended, the Council ruled that the Congo deserved no further attention. The current issue of Foreign Affairs magazine says "Congo is now the stage for the largest humanitarian disaster in the world — far larger than in Sudan."

Apparently the Council doesn't consider genocide a human rights priority.
Here's what the representatives do have to say about the current situation in the Sudan:

Malaysia said he "welcomed the progress achieved by the Government of Sudan in improving legislation and the rule of law."

Saudi Arabia praises Sudan "for the positive steps it has taken to improve the situation in the country."

China said it sees, "Positive developments"

The United Arab Emirates says the Sudan is, "making great efforts to resolve the Darfur conflict."

So what is a priority to this Human Rights Council? Just what did they make a permanent feature of theirs? "human rights abuses by Israel." No matter what your views on Israel are, nothing absolutely NOTHING happening there compares to the genocide going on right now in the Sudan!

Do they care about the human right violations in Cuba, Angola, Pakistan? NOPE! Only one or two weeks ago a group of peacefully protesting women in CUBA were rounded up within a half hour of their protest and carted off to jail. Why were they protesting? Because their family members were thrown in jail, without trial and have since been heard from because they spoke their views publically against Castro's government. Is that being looked into? Not in the least.

Who sits on the council: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/United_Nations_Human_Rights_Council

Sudan's government and the pro-government Arab militias are accused of war crimes against the region's black African population, although the UN has stopped short of calling it genocide.

Learn more about the genocide in Sudan here.

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