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Saturday, April 19, 2008

My Speeddate Date Last Night And Leo

OK this has got to be on the list for one of the strangest dates. I am SURE there are others that rate higher but this probably is up there.

I went out with one of the men I met from speeddating last week. He is very nice, cute and charming. I even got a smooch. He was flirty. But I HIGHLY doubt I will hear from him again.



We met at a place called Pipas Tapas Bar. They are known for their sangrias. We shared a pitcher of them over a nice period of time. After which we agreed to a walk. And we walked past Petco. Do you see where this is going?

I went in and I adopted a boy cat.

OK first, I was NOT wearing that shirt where my arms look like the biggest loafs of bread imaginable. Horrid horrid shot! I put a deposit on him and picked him up today.

Now, the Pope is in town. So I wanted to drive in and get him but I knew I would never make it with the car. I took the subway in and brought the new carrier I bought this morning that looks like a gym bag with wheels.

The photo is from today when I picked him up.

His name is Leo. He has a neurological problem that makes his head dart back and forth and he also walks funny sometimes but not always. They did a lot of blood work on him and all looks well and the Vets at the Mayors Alliance that took him in and fixed him and cleaned him up say this problem won't affect his lifespan. I do hope they are correct and I didn't just give $125 to return a cat that is not a good fit for me. I don't have a problem with his physical problem at all. I have a lot of friends that do healing work and they will work on him. He is very skiddish however and I need him to be calm and sweet for him to be the right fit.

Last night he was so calm and loved being held like a baby and it seemed right. Perhaps I am a sucker. But I lost Emily 14 months ago and mourned for a year. Olivia past away on April 3rd and with a lot of help from my good friend Candace who said some very wise words to me, I walked in on a whim, while on a first date and picked this one year old guy out to take home.

I did want a young cat that might be hard to place. I wanted to do a mitzvah. Hopefully I can keep him.

He seems rather smart and I suspect he was in someone else's home and was thrown out for his issues. He seems to already know "come here" and "get down". I just need him to be calm. I'll keep you updated of course.

I left a deposit for him last night and speeddate guy and I continued on our date. We walked around the West Villiage and had Thai appetizers and chatted. We walked some more and I didn't want to hurt his feelings or be impolite so I let him tell me when he was tired and we ended the date on his comfort level. I know I am supposed to play the game of leaving first but I didn't want to be rude and well... he can think whatever he wants. I know my intent.

There was a smooch. It was decent. Have had better and have had worse. If for some odd reason I hear from him again and we do go out again I will have to teach him my style :-)

But he is either the nicest man ever or a great liar because he didn't seem to care and told me he liked that I was saving a cat. Either way, it's still a strange thing to end up doing on a date and he probably won't call again because of it. But he is welcome as he seemed nice.


Jessica said...

First off-that cat is adorable, and you 2 look cute together. lol

Second-if the guy doesn't call you back because you adopted him:then you don't want him to call anyway. :P But,I'm sure he will!

Third-Your post made me a bit homesick. Talking about the city.:( Growing up, I lived with my dad, but visited my mom all summer, every summer. She lived in New York. I haven't had a chance to get back in so long. :( I love that city!

Fourth-Thanks for visiting my blog and commenting! :)

Lauren said...

Hi Jessica, Yes Leo is adorable. BUT he vomited the little he did eat today which makes me worry and think about bringing him back. I have NEVER done that and I have had kitties since the age of 12. Perhaps I need to relax and let things ride out. I do not know. I know that it was a short period of time between the passing of a very beloved cat and getting a new one. Maybe I rushed things and it is I who needs to just chill.

I love your first then second then third. Makes me giggle, and I really need that right now :-)

3rd -Come to NYC soon and let me know. I will show you around!
4th-I really love your blog. I will be back. I added you to my blogroll. Your blog ROCKS! TOTALLY FUN!

kenju said...

He is the image of a cat we used to have and I hope he brings you a lot of pleasure. It's wonderful to save a cat! It could be that the vomiting was because he is in a new place. I'd give it a few days.

Thanks for the visit; I know what you mean about people saying we're well off with gas prices compared to Europe. So what! That doesn't make it any easier for the rest of us!

Lauren said...

Hi Kenju,Poor guy had blood on his anus this morning. He is a lap kitty and jumped on me as I was on the potty. When he got up there was blood. I wiped him down and i do not see more. It is hard to tell if it is from that area or where he was just fixed. I called the agency and I am trying to get to their Vet today and see if his stomach issues can be fixed or if I have to accept that this particular cat is not the right fit for me. I am conflicted.