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Monday, January 19, 2009

Your Blog Is Fabulous

Olga The Traveling Bra thinks my Blog is Fabulous! Thanks. Sure is nice after some of the nastier things I've been called lately when I started to post current events and pro-Israel posts. But I digress.

Now according to the "rules" attached to this award
I'm 'supposed to list 5 things I'm addicted to...
So here goes:

  1. Telling my opinions and sharing FACTS on Israel.
  2. My computer and reading and posting on the Internet.
  3. For 13 years I was addicted to having my nails silk wrapped. For frugality purposes I have stopped but I HATE the way they look and feel and I am tempted to forgo food for my nails.
  4. Falling asleep to the television.
  5. My career.

I noticed that this award was passed on to a hanful of others. And so I'll also pass this one one as it's simple and fun.

I'm passing this award onto the following fantastic bloggers:

On The Crazy Couch

Thoughtful Reflections

Karyne's Kronicles

and last but not least

Fleur De Aleta


Clay Bowler said...

I thought about your blog this weekend. I passed by a hateful anti Israel sign in front of a house in front of Interstate 44 near Strafford, MO. I am considering a blog about it. I would have taken a picture if I had my camera. It really saddens me how stupid Americans have become towards Israel.

Lauren said...

Clay, thanks for letting us know this. I have people asking me what the sign said. Can you tell us?

Babs (Beetle) said...


Clay Bowler said...

I was on my way to a funeral, so I had other things on my mind. I will take pictures of it tomorrow and post it on my blog later this week. It amazed me. It was damn hateful though.

Clay Bowler said...

I went to look at those signs on my lunch break. Something tells me they were vandalized, since they were gone. I am going to call the owner and see if he will talk to me about the signs. I found his information on ZABA. If it produces anything, I will include it in my blog.

Jessica said...

Conrats to you! And thanks a ton. You are so sweet! :)

Aleta said...

Awww, aren't you sweet! Thank you! I'm just getting back into the blog swing of things since the honeymoon and mountains of paperwork at the office. What a nice surprise!

Congrats to you and thanks!

Chat Blanc said...

Dudette! sorry I'm so slow on this response, but many thanks for passing along the award to on the crazy couch! You know I heart you! :)