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Monday, January 12, 2009

Harvard Shmarvard

Well well if it isn't another fraud by corporate america...wait! Insert screetch sound effect...
What say you...not AMERICA...you mean big bad America isn't to blame for this fraud????Corporate yes but not America folks. Sorry to burst the lefts bubble with their blame America for everything big bad and greedy...but their time is hopefully coming to an end along this time. This BIG company in India.

Satyam Scandal Shocks IT Sector

While waiting for my bagel and coffee I saw the front page of the Wall Street Journel on Thursday with that headline. Turns out this company is an outsourcing company.

I HATE outsourcing. I've always hated outsourcing. It's another chip in the destruction of the American worker, sending jobs of hard working people to India or another country so that they can pay those non-native English speakers 50 cents an hour to annoy the living shit out of me (and you) by speaking some crazy ass non-understanding English sentences until WE get so frustrated by the call that we give up and hang up.

Now I don't see it on the online article but in print they mentioned that sitting on their board was a Harvard Business graduate. And even though Price WaterhouseCoopers was supposedly independently auditing this firm ,millions of fake dollars were recorded as income from this company.

I've never been a fan of those who taut their Ivy League degrees. OH wonderous of wonders our next President is a Harvard graduate. WHOOOPED DEE DO! From my experience all Harvard grad means is the intelligence to concock large schemes that the average man can't keep up with to expose, hidden by flowerly scholarly sounding language and often with doublespeak, making the average man feel inferior just enough so that he doesn't question what is going on.

And let's just say that a certain blogger knows first-hand how easy it is to write a paper for a Harvard student and let that student turn it in as if it were his own. echem echem!

The only difference between these Harvard grads and the rest of us is that they by way of the school's reputation and good name acquire more power and status giving them the ability to pull off these financial frauds such as the one by this Indian company.


swile67 said...

I echo your sentiments about outsourcing. It has destroyed our town ...we have the General Motors plants here...so many people are out of work. And yes, I get so frustrated with getting tech. help from countries where you can't understand them...am i making sense..it is early and i'm not finished my first cup of coffee!!!

Clay Bowler said...

I hate outsourcing too. I am a tehcnical writer, and I am amazed at how many people send their projects to India thinking that they can write a technical document in English better than an American can.

dani c said...

Outsourcing absolutely blows...

tiffany1377 said...

Outsourcing...ugh. I spent 45 minutes on the phone with a foreign woman trying to fix my damn Dish. She had to stay on the phone with my while the Dish did some half hour download. She kept trying to amuse me with small talk that she was obviously reading from a script. It was painful. I've since canceled my Dish service and switched to a company that uses American workers.