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Thursday, January 8, 2009

Iranians Stuck In Limbo- Camp Ashraf

I came across this group back in November when walking to the United Nations during my lunch hour. They handed me some literature but I must admit I misplaced it.

There's been a few short news reports about their situation. Here's what I understand their situation to be. Somehow they supported the overthrow of the Shah of Iran. But what I do not understand is why they were not accepted by the next government who actually did overthrow the Shah. They fled to Iraq and were given safe haven by Sadaam Hussien in a small area of his country.

The basics make sense to me. These people were against the Iranian government. Sadaam was against Iran. He sheltered them. Now that there is a new governement that is more friendly to Iran they are being told that their safe haven status is up and will be returned to Iran. Sounds like a death sentence to me.

I really do not understand this situation past the very basics but I think it warrents a better look. I'm wondering if Matt of Matt-Speak might have better knowledge on this subject. He is after all one darn smart cookie?

Here are some photos of a small protest they had across the street from the United Nations.


Chat Blanc said...

I heard about this situation on the news recently. It certainly must be a death sentence to send them back to Iran.

Jaffer said...

I've read and heard of how Iran is being controlled by barbarians but I have never seen some of the pictures above. Thanks for sharing !

Now I don't know who these people are and I wish I knew. I met a similar group in Toronto who were raising awareness about the inhuman treatment of women in prisons in Iran.

CastoCreations said...

I also read about this or saw it on the news. It's sick and I hope that those people don't have to go back. They'd be killed for sure.